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hey killjoys.

hey everyone.
i haven't been on here in a while and i decided to say hi to the mcrmy. i'm in maths and i'm bored to death but luckily i am listening to some MCR to get me through it. i mean music can make everything okay so if you find yourself in a tough situation just listen to music and everything will be okay. im always here if any of you need to talk.

keep running.

Hannah xxx

hey killjoys

Hi everyone. This year I am doing my GCSEs which is a bunch of exams that 15 to 16 year olds have to do in England. Now this is really stressing me because I have about 20 exams to revise for. However I am really bad at revising and I cant remember anything I need to know. I just worry that I wont know it all for June. I know that its months away but I'm really stressed and I need to pass them all in order to get into a good college. Has anyone got any tips for me? Anyway how is everyone?

just remember stay strong killjoys.

Hannah xxxx

its been so long!!!

Hey killjoys,

It's been so long since i have posted and i just want to know how everyone is coping with life challenges. i know that life is so difficult and that there is always something trying to knock you down but i also know that you can jump back up and never give in. life is tough but you are much stronger and keep up hope because rain doesn't last forever.

keep running my fabulous killjoys,

xxxxx Hannah

life gets hard.

hey killjoys and as you can tell from the title life gets hard. always. life always seems to get harder and harder but it lets us to develop as human and we can learn from this. it might be tough in the grey but I promise that the light will shine down soon because darkness doesn't last forever. it is how we deal with the dark times that matters. we need to stick together and become stronger and united in a family that cares and has each others back. if any of you are struggling with anything I'm always here I can listen or I'm quite good with advice.

i'm back

hey all killjoys.
sorry I haven't been very active I've just had a lot on. so I wanted to post this to say that no matter what your going through you can't give up. you can't give up because your stronger and worth so much more. life will throw tough events at us but we get stronger and we become a better person who can make something of the world. we all need to stick together to make this world a better place. you are all stronger than you think and that is the most powerful weapon of all. use that to your best ability. keep running killjoys and never give up and never back down.



Hey everyone. I hope you're okay. This blog is for anyone who is dealing with a tough issue right now. I just want to say that I'm here for you and if you ever want to talk then I'm here. Also music can really help you. It has helped me through tough times and if you listen to mcr and other bands then you are sure to get through it. Just take mcr's advice and keep running and never look back.
Stay strong killjoys

Xxxx Hannah

hey guys!!!

hey everyone. how are you guys doing? im just writing this to tell you all that life isnt all bad and that if you staytrue to yourself then everything will work out eventually. just listen to music or be creative because to me thats the best way to let all emotions free. i have struggled with a lot of problems and i want to help you guys anyway possible. so if you ever need to talk im here for all of you. stay strong and keep running killjoys.

xxxx Hannah.

Good to be back!

Hey everyone it's been so long since I've been on this website and I've missed it. I just love the community and the vibe of it and I think that you all are amazing and wonderful people. So never let anyone bring you down cus you are perfect just the way you are. If you want to talk than I'm now back and happy to help you. Stay strong killjoys and I'm glad to be back

Xxxx Hannah

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omg i had no idea until i came on here. mikeys getting married. congrats mikey. i hope your happy together.