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mcrfreako13's blog

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This Is Me :3

Yeah its edited a bit but that's me! :3

Hi Killjoys :)

I have no friends at school but i want to make some on here so request me please or message.Thanks :)

I'm Back and Someone Should Message me! :D

Srry if i hadn't been on for a while but i'm back and i wanna talk to my friends and make some new ones heehee ^_^

OMFG! Gerard Way featured in Deadmau5!?!?!?!?

God i cant stop watchin it now!:D

So True! XD


My MCR Journal and Folder

I got this journal that came with a folder at hastings yesterday. its fuckin awsome! ^0^

30 day challenge day5

fav song from black parade?
aw god i love all of them but i would hav to say black parade or mama or teenagers^¬^

30 day challenge mcr day4

favorite song from three cheers for sweet revenge
i love all of them too but i would say im not okay i promise or helena or you know what they do to guys like us in prison ^¬^

30 day challenge day 3

What is ur fav song from i brought u my bullets and u brought me ur love?
i love all of them but i would chose vampires will never hurt u<3

Killjoys keep on livin!

we need to keep our heads up and help each other out. so keep jr heads up high and remembet, dont put up with shit on wha other people say! if someone is sayin shit to u just look at the motherfucker in the eye and say fuck u i dont care i have people who care so go do what u need to do and leave be.
thanks for ur suport! keep running! we need to defeat BL/ind!