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30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 1: Favorite scene from any music video?
Oh my goodness. Without a doubt it has to be from Helena when Tracy Philips dances. It was absolutely beautiful! Who ever came up with that idea needs to get an award. Best part of any music video I have ever seen!


Ok no hate please. Who are the two people involved in waycest??
is it gerard or mikey and who is cest?

30 Days of MCR

well this is the last day. starting a new one tomorrow

Day 30: What you would say to Gerard Way if you ever met him?
Oh Geeze. Ummmm I would defiantly thank him a million times. After last night (I had a rough night) him and MCR has saved my life 3 times. I would tell him that he's my idol and that he's the reason I'm still alive and not apart of the Black Parade.
It would be awesome if i could ever meet him!

Jacket Contest Question!

now that I have your attention, I have a question about the contest. So does the design have to be our replica of their already created jackets or can it be something completely different?? And when you submit a picture does it have to be drawn on a jacket or can it just be a design on a blank piece of paper??
Please answer

30 Days of MCR

Day 29: Most played MCR song on your iPod (&how many times?)
The Sharpest Lives. No clue how many times its been played, my ipod wont tell me.

30 Days of MCR

Day 28: Your reaction if you won tickets from a contest to go see them?
Like back stage passes? I would freak out! Meeting the guys that saved my life is one of my biggest wishes. I would thank the person who ran the contest a million times and I wouldn't be able to sit still until the day I get to meet them arrived.
I wish someday it happens. :)

30 Days of MCR

Doing today's tomorrows and Sunday's today so I dont have to worry about it over the weekend. :)

Day 25: # of times you listen to My Chemical Romance's music a day?
ummm no matter what playlist I play on my ipod there's at least one My chem song in it. I listen to my ipod two times a day. In the morning from the time i wake up to 8:10 am, and after school 3pm-about 7.
so i listen to them a lot of times a day

Day 26: Number of songs you have on your iPod by MCR?

Day 27: My Chemical Romance song that you're sick of hearing?
Either Hang 'em high or Sleep

30 Days of MCR

Day 24: How has Gerard impacted your life?
Um a few ways.
1. He started My Chem. The band saved my life :)
2. He is so incredibly inspirational. He was able to pull himself out of all his problems and fix them. He's my idol.

30 Days of MCR

Day 23: How long you've been apart of the MCRrmy?
good question. I didn't know that the MCRmy was a real thing until last spring but ever since I heard Welcome to the Black Parade and it saved my life nearly two years ago. I knew that I wanted to follow MCR and help others with their problems like MCR helped me with mine. So I guess I've been a member for two years almost but I didn't actually sign up on the website until this past summer


Does anyone have any idea what era this picture is from??? Me and my friend have been arguing about which era we think it is.
Me-End of Black Parade
Her-Revenge going into Black Parade
Also my same friend is writing a fanfic. if you want to read what she has so far comment. :)