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30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 10: Favorite Frank hairstyle?
So many to chose from. I love his hair when he had red on the side and black on top :)

Day 11: Favorite Gerard hairstyle?
My opinion switches day to day. Right now my favorite is his Short Red Hair

Day 12: Favorite character of The Umbrella Academy?


Well i hate to inform you all but i just checked the winners page.
No win for My Chem but our dear friends in the Echelon won both, Best Alternative and Best World Stage!
Good job guys and better luck next time My Chem.
Sorry about the bad news but i know you all wanted to know.

Well this is it!

I'm so excited!!! but super nervous!! Tonight's opening night for my schools play an guess who's in it!!
I'm currently waiting for my cue, listening to My Chem to calm my nervous brain.
Wish me luck!!
Oh i almost forgot to tell you......the play is......PETER PAN!! lol
well here goes nothing!
Keep acting Killjoys!

30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 9: Favorite Frerard moment?
Favorite? hmmm don't really have a favorites that i can chose but i don have a favorite video :)

30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 8: Favorite interview?
oh geeze. Can i just say all of them?
What's your guy's favorite interview?

30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 7: Favorite MCR pet?
I love all of their pets cause I love animals but I love Frank's dog Sweet Pea :)

30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 6: Favorite Black Parade jacket?
Definitely Franks!!


Happy Birthday Frankie!! Wow getting up there. Have a great b-day :)
To my fellow killjoys.....Have a KickAss Ieroween!!
Keep running!

30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 3: Favorite era and why?
hmmm Black Parade-I found their view of the afterlife and how the music sounded to be very neat and very cool.

Day 4: Favorite Killjoy personality?
Party Poison

Day 5: Favorite lyric from ANY song? many to chose.
right now my favorite is:
"It was the roar of the crowd
That gave me heartache to sing." Disenchanted

30 Day of My Chemical Romance

Day 2: Favorite MCR wife and why?
Hmmm prob lynz-shes the leader of a pretty sweet band :) and her and Gee look so cute together