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New Fanfic!

Hi all! Hopefully you had a great new years.
So this is my first fanfic.
if you guys think it sucks please tell me if it rocks tell me that too.
It's currently untitled but if you guys have any suggestions message me.
Chapter 1
The blinding white light flashed above me. I was instantly blinded, left with my other senses in the perfectly white room. I moved quickly, leaping out of my white cot and walking the memorized amount of steps to the perfectly sealed door. My back was pressed to the door as the first wave of nausea passed over me.

Instead of studying for exams

I decided to break out the extra white puffy paint that I had left over from making my friend's birthday gift and made my own skeleton fingerless gloves!! Still need to study of course but for now i'm pretty content with myself.
Dont you just it :)

New Contest!

Here's what I put:
What's my favorite memory associated with Danger Days? It could be a lot of things; like meeting new friends or finding the MCRmy (my home). But for me my absolute favorite moment associated with the new album was going to my first concert. I remember everything about it. August 21, 2011 with be a day that will be forever engraved in my mind as the best night of my life. After My Chemical Romance saved my life in 2009 I had always wanted to go to a concert but because of my family’s money problems and my parents not wanting me to get hurt I was never allowed to go.

Transmission Diary day 3

~~~~~~~~~Transmission Received~~~~~~~~~
Mornin' Killjoys!
How is everyone today? Good I hope.
Well compared to yesterday, I feel really good. I made it through last night without injuring myself!! Total win in my book. Maybe I am getting better :)
Still have exams to deal with next week but I'm in one of those "just fuck it" moods :p
I have an i dead for two new stories-one a fanfic :)
Keep running and never look back
~~~~~~~~~~~~Transmission cut~~~~~~~~~~

Transmission Diary day 2

~~~~~~~Transmission received~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pretty much down and out today. My teacher expect me to do way to much when exams are in 3 days 20 hours and 45 minutes......I'm so stressed and so tired. I stayed up all night last night trying to get homework done, and I'm still not done!!! Oh and let's not forget the Latin test I failed, possibly bumping me off of honors list, making my dad be more pissed at me.
Stress is one of my biggest problems, it makes me crave the clarity that cutting used to give me. I figured I would end up in this state but I cant stop it.
The only thing keeping me from

Transmission Diary day 1

~~~~~~~~~Transmission Incoming~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Morning Killjoys. How are the zones today?
Mine in very dull and lifeless almost.
I feel worn out from being sick and the stressful demeanor that the school has taken in preparation for the exams next week. The stress is getting to me,making me feel down and out. Stress has always been my weakness when trying to stop cutting (i'me up to about 2 months now) but stress always makes me want to do it.
Hoping for some relaxation.
Adrenaline DH Signing off
~~~~~~~~~Transmission Cut~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sing it for the World

if you cant read it it says Sing it for the World
Keep running Killjoys

Where's this pic from??

What's this picture from??? I've been looking every where!


Incoming transmission
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Transmission Record~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hey Killjoys!
Found break in the dracs security settings. Currently in school chilling in the online zone six.
Anyone want to talk?
dang scarecrows just about killed me in my english class.
when are they gonna learn that i'm the only one that can win?
well my transmission is gonna get cut.
Message me
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Transmission Lost~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Latin Class

So in latin class we were learning how to make nouns and adjectives agree with case number and gender. The word that we were using was beautiful/handsome so my teacher asked us to say who we thought was handsome. I shot my hand up and was called on so i said FRANK IERO and got all excited!
Of course no one knew who he is. -_- Well my teacher took my word for it and wrote a sentence on the board.
"Amanda (me) loves the handsome Frank (after long deliberation of the teacher and me sitting there telling her how to spell it) Iero."
DAY MADE!!! I was so happy :)