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Officially a Killjoy

Even though i have been a fan for a long time now i have just now finished my Killjoy mask. (top)
I made one for my friend too (bottom)


One: My first MCR concert is in like 48 hours

two: I finally got my bro to get a Killjoy name.

His name is Adrenaline Liberation which is weird because mine is Adrenaline Danger Heart. lol

Stay ugly
Adrenaline DH



I don't think it has sunk in yet that I'm actually going to be in the same place as Gerard, Frank, Mikey,and Ray. I'm excited but i know i will be WAY more.

Still have to finish my Killjoy mask :D

3 Days till the concert!

Adrenaline Danger Heart

A voice that leads a million

Gerard Way:
The voice that leads a million in singing it to the world!

Enough said.
Your fellow killjoy signing off for the night,
Adrenaline Danger Heart

Freaky Dream

Any one want to interpret this for me????

-Went to see a movie in a builing that was half a movie theater and half a school.
-ended up having to take some sort of test about rock stuff.
-Jared leto and Gerard Way show up.
-The first question deals with the song disenchanted by MCR
-I smile up at Gerard and he gives me a thumbs up.
-Before the next question they both get up and leave.
-The others with me try to get them to stay but they just keep walking.
-I got up and yelled that the Echelon and the MCRmy need you, and I screamed that I needed them.
-Jared looks like he might stay but Gerard

More nail art

So two weeks ago I posted a picture of some MCR nail art that i did. It got me thinking about what other bands I could put on my fingers. So this week is Panic! At the Disco.
The Initials of the band are P!AD so that's what I did on my four fingers on my thumb is just a heart so I didn't put it into the picture.

Lastly: I need some suggestions of bands that I can write on my finger nails. Just give me a band and I will figure out how to get it onto them. A new band will be featured every week on my blog starting this week with Panic! At the Disco!!

Amanda/Adrenaline Danger Heart

The Only Hope For Me Is You Video

The next video in the Danger Days video saga comes out in 13 day!!!

New Video!!!

The Only Hop For Me Is You Video comes out in 20 days!!!!!
Who else is excited??!!

MCR Nail Art!!

First,middle, and ring finger-initials of MCR
Thumb-spider from the Danger Days album cover
Pinky-bl/ind logo


MCR Nail Art!!

First,middle, and ring finger-initials of MCR
Thumb-spider from the Danger Days album cover
Pinky-bl/ind logo