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These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 17

My gun ended up bright neon purple with a black heart, and an exclamation point inside of the heart in gold. Scream’s turned out to be red with neon yellow leopard print with the word “SCREAM” written across it. Both of the guns looked pretty cool.

Dr. D led us out back and set up two targets. Someone had painted “Korse” into the middle of each bull’s-eye. Perfect. We both missed our first shot. I even ended up on my ass. The ray guns had a major kickback. I stood and shook off the desert sand

“Hahahahaha, good job Bullet” Scream was doubled over laughing.

“Jerk” I mumbled

I faced my target

0.0 Tumblr Post

So I was flipping through a Tumblr page and came across this. It's Gee!!!!
I wanna know who the chick walking past him is. If I was ever able to get on stage with them I wouldn't just walk past Gee. She is obviously not a true Killjoy or MCRmy Soldier

These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 16

“Bullet? Hey Bullet, wake up.” I could hear someone saying to me

I rolled over and ended up on the floor under the booth table.

“God damn. Ghoul!” I yelled, crawling out

“Mmmmmyyyessss?” I saw his head pop out from the kitchen door.

He walked over to me and helped me up

“Who the hell was just talking to me?”

“Me!” I flipped around to see a younger girl sitting on the table.

She looked about 12 years old, she had medium skin, and a fro, like Jet’s. She could have been his kid for all I know.

“Uhhh who are you?” I asked,

“Bullet this is Grace, or The Girl.

Why Can't Anything Ever Make Sense!

Okay so right now I'm over joyed yet completely exhausted, depressed, and pissed off.

Over Joyed- I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! He's absolutely perfect in every way! Girls (and guys) who haven't found "the one" yet, trust me he's out there. I never thought in a million years that I would find someone who loves me for my nerdy, fat, short little self, but I did and it's amazing to know how much he loves me.

Exhausted- I haven't slept in three days. I'm so flippin' tired that I cant even focus on my school work.

These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 15

Maybe it was my own conscience or maybe it was the heat, but I couldn’t let Abby leave with this whole mess between us.

“Ghoul can you help me outside?” he raised his eyebrows at me

“I just want to talk to her, nothing else.” He gave me a questioning look “I promise.”

“Fine.” He jumped over the back of the booth into the one next to us and helped me up.

“Ghoul? Why are you bringing her out here?” Jet asked, as if I wasn’t there

“I trust her judgment to not kill her, but if she does, I’ve got her.” He smirked. “Go on inside, see if Poison has any food.” He pushed us past Jet and out the door.

These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 14

My dreams were mixed with visions of Korse, Ghoul, and Abby. Everything I feared mixed into one dream.

I sat up, finally escaping my own personal hell.

“Whoa, take it easy Bullet. You’re safe.” Dr. D’s voice said to me.

“How…How did I get in here? I…I ran into the desert yesterday.” I mumbled, swinging my feet over the side of the cot

“I brought you back.” Poison was sitting in a chair next to my bed; he looked as though he hadn’t slept at all.

“I had followed you and I was just gonna let you sit there for as long as you needed too, but then you passed out from what, we don’t know, probably

These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 13

“Uh you know, we should probably head back to the diner.” I mumbled into Frank chest.

We had fallen asleep out on the middle of the desert. The sun was coming up, I didn’t want it to. I just wanted last night to never end.

Frank sighed, a very content sigh.

“But I don’t want to. I just want to stay right here.” He looked down at me, curled up against his bare chest. “I just want to be here with you.” He smirked.

“I know. I do to love, but the guys are gonna start getting worried. If they come and find us like this we could be in some trouble.” I winked at him.

I stood and pulled on my pants

These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 12

There is a pg-13 scene between Izzy and Frank. If you don't want to read it just skip the last big paragraph and read the last line :)
By the time we made it to the diner, Elliot had passed out. During the drive, Mikey had messaged Dr. Death-defy to let him know about Elliot, apparently he had been a doctor before the BLI takeover.

“Bring him in, quickly!” the man in a wheel chair called from the door of the old diner.

“That’s doctor D?” I asked while Ray carried Elliot in with Abby following close behind.

“Yea, just

These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 11

By the time I got home the next day, every part of me was screaming in pain. I had ended up being pair with this guy who was all muscle. Obviously I won since I’m still here but it was one hell of a fight. It ended with me pinned to the floor and my hands around his throat. Once he passed out I pulled out the small dagger I had been given in capturing techniques the day before and slit his throat.

Abby did better than I did. Her partner was a girl that was small, fast, and deadly. I had seen the girl kill someone in two minutes earlier that day.

These Pigs Are After Me Chapter 10

Sorry this chapter is so long. The next one should be shorter. :)
The other two classes were much easier than the first. Capturing techniques taught me how to make a snap trap from a tree. The idea was to make a loop of rope of the ground and Ty it to a branch and when someone steps in the loop that will pull the branch, releasing a net on top of that person. Easy for me, not so much for Abby. Elliot was starting to get it by the time class was over. The last class was stupid.