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Fall Out Boy disappoints me

fall out boy's new album disappointed me. i was sure that on their new album i'd hear the sounds of their roots that we all know and love. but they invent some new kind of pop punk sound which is unfamiliar to us fans. the only songs i like are"The Phoenix", "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark", "Where Did the Party Go?" and "Alone Together." "Rat A Tat" and "Young Volcanoes" are both growing on me. "Miss Missing You" makes me cry, so i try not to listen it too much. but yet even though they disappoint i will still stay on their side. i wont be a hater.

new fall out boy cd

did anyone buy the new fall out boy cd? i havent been able to buy it yet. hopefully i will tomorrow :) someone please tell me if its good or not

Day of silence and the r word

my school does the Day of Silence to honor gays, bi's, transgenders and deaf people. most of which dont have the courage to speak out. so some people pledge to be silent all day. most of my friends have duct tape on their mouths right now.

we are also performing in this thing called The R Word Campaign. it is designed to stop the derogatory use of the words retard and retarded. im glad my school participates in these events. i guess my school isnt so bad after all

Talent Show Jitters

im so excited. i made it into the Talent Show. my friend, Nikki, and I are performing the song Props and Mayhem by Pierce the Veil. we havent got much practice time in but i guarantee we'll do great anyway. she is an alto singer, whereas im a soprano so we'll have a good dynamic. im so happy that they let us in. so i have a softball game for school thats away and i dont think i'll be back in time for the Talent Show. im gonna talk to my coach and ask if i can skip out on the game. i really need to perform and i cant possibly let Nikki down.


how is everyone doing today?

omg this guy made me cheat on my bf yesterday. he randomly started making out with me. i wanted to cry cuz it was so wrong. but the tears wouldnt fall.... why must i be so irresistable? ughhh it irks me!!!!

so Sal lost the song i wrote him :( i typed up another copy and then i went to give it to him. but he walked too far ahead of me and i didnt get a chance to give it to him before he walked into art class D: he really needs it, especially to remind him of me cuz im transferring next year O.O hopefully, i see him at the end of the dsay :) wish me luck :D

so now

Theres no hope for us anymore

You know that guy, Sal, that i wrote the song for? well he has a girlfriend. so theres no hope for us. i bet she's prettier than me. im so depressed right now :'(

I finally did it

i gave a song i wrote to my crush, Sal. i hope he likes it. im so nervous. what if he hates it and thinks im a creep? i just want him to know how much i like him and i want him to like me

MCR is dead :'(

MCR is dead. this is the worst thing that ever happened to me. they were my world, my life, my passion. now one of the things i love is gone. i lose everyone i love. i drew a picture to commemorate this. hopefully they will show for the reunion concert. im so sad now. dont worry killjoys! MCR's memory will live forever in our hearts <3

Weekly Blog #1

im making a project with andy in it in photoshop! its gonna be beautiful

and all of you are beautiful <3
your welcome

weekly blog numero uno ^_^

this is my first weekly blog. im only doing this since im on here a few times a week.

so ello govners!
yesterday my bf and i hung out. i solved my relationship problems :) im gonna keep my current physical bf and let the others be friends with benefits. that way it wont really be cheating. anyway my point is that my bf played this song yesterday. it was beautiful <3

"The World Is Ugly"
These are the eyes and the lies of the taken
These are their hearts but their hearts don’t beat like ours
They burn ‘cause they are all afraid
For every one of us, there’s an army of them
But you’ll never fight