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for all those who know

For all those who've heard, yes Ronnie Radke is in fact a rapper now. but he's still in Falling in Reverse. he's just doing a side project with Skrillex. its actually a good song. you guys should check it out. its called "Alone". check it out on youtube or the warped tour website :)
your welcome ^_^

~Lexi Shadow

the sickest joke ever

my eighth period class played a sick joke on me. they claimed that Finocchiaro knocked on the door , asked for me and requested meet him after school. i was so stoked, so anxious, so nervous. my palms were sweating. i knew he would ask me out. but in the back of my mind i knew they were shitting me. bullshitting me.
i packed my things and asked to leave early but the teacher wouldnt let me. everyone screamed, let her go!!!! thats when i knew something was up.
Mike Dugan said, "im sorry. its not real."
the teacher, said, yeah it was a joke.
i instantly grew upset.

if i cant have you id be by myself cuz you know i need you so

its beginning to look a lot like hell here. the thoughts in my head haunt me. tell me to die. to end my life. tell me its not worth it. all my friends are long gone. all my life ive wanted to feel like i belong. today is no better. tomorrow will be worse.
save me from the ridicule, the berating, the pushing around. save me from the nonsense. yesterday, they all laughed at me. im sorry for being so defiant. im sorry for being talkative. im sorry for my attention deficit disorder. i hate it. i hate you. i hate everyone.
all i want in this life, all i need is him.

golden ticket!!!!!!!!

the new album Sleeping with Sirens "Feel" is coming out with a golden ticket to win awesome prizes!!!!!!! theres only 3 with them. im gonna keep buying the album till i get one. heres the prizes:

- Guestlist for you and 1 friend to Sleeping With Sirens’ shows for life
-A journal. Inside the journal will be all the lyrics to FEEL, handwritten by Kellin. The journal will be signed by the entire band. The rest of the pages will be blank, for you to personalize.
-We will also provide a cool feather quill and ink well.
- You’ll receive 1 red & white starburst vinyl record, signed by all of us.

stop playing with my heart

i cant believe the things guys do to me.
first Brian who claims he loves me then kisses his ex gf. then Nick Finocchiaro who asks me out then the next day says we're not even going out. i still havent talked to him yet. and now Will who keeps teasing me and pressuring him to get back together with me! i am with Will though....
but im not ready for a relationship again. all i need is Max Pultowski my best friend that i met on Saturday. hes amazing and perfect. he's "scene", wears a lot of black, has fluffy hair and amber eyes. im gonna call him Fluffy cuz of the hair. we hugged for 45 minutes!

In the Arms of a familiar stranger

short story

Shane Sellucci. my heart. my love. my lover. he's everything i need and evrything i want.
his eyes sparkle in the sun and the moon light. they are grey with flecks of purple. his gaze could make me melt. like putty in his hands. i want to hold him. i want him to hold me. kiss me. forever.
i feel like we met before. maybe im dreaming. but im not. his black medium length hair flowing in the wind. his lithe, yet muscular figure standing in a pose of defiance. he sits down under a tree alive with the promise of spring. his back arches in the slightest. i need him.
he pulls a small

help me!

my friend with benefits, Brian. ugh his name disgusts me..... he kissed his ex girlfriend right in front of me. does he even realize the damage he's done? everyone warned me about him. he fucks you, then fucks you over!
yesterday, he showed me how much he loves me. you guys know what i mean ;)
now i feel unloved, not special enough, like a piece of shit. someone please help me.
everyone says to forget about him but yesterday is a clear cut memory. i wish i could start again.
"i wish that i could just turn back the time. start over again."

~Lexi Shadow

"Maybe if you tried hard enough i wouldnt question why i shouldnt stay"

Low by Sleeping with Sirens
Should I use my heart?
Or my head?
I wish that I could just replay the thoughts
Or things I never said
Should I use my heart?
Or my head?
I wish that I could just turn back the time
Start over again

But if we're laying it on the line this time
I better say this now

You make me feel low
Don't make me feel low
Cuz I tried so hard to convince myself
It's ok that I feel this way
You make me feel low
Don't make me feel low
If I can't have you I'd be by myself cuz
you know I need you so

Don't make me
Don't make me feel low

Tell me why
did it take 26 years to figure

random survey? sure why not....

1. Any scars? Yes, arm
2. Crush? Sal Santucci, Fabian Benjumea, Andrew Worrell, Patrick Moore, Nick Bolash, Taylor Draffen, Nick Leth, Gee Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Lyn-Z
3. Kissed anyone? yes
4. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
5. Someone you hate? Sarah Diamond, Andrew Worrell, Abby Rice
6. Best friends? Nope. Dont trust anyone
7. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? Nope
8. What's your dream job? Singer in a band. hairdresser. Gerard
9. Ever been in love? yes
10. Last time you cried? yesterday
11. Favourite colour? Red/Black/Blue
12. Height? 5'2
13. Birthday? July 8
14. Eye colour? brown
15. Hair

i really need band members or im gonna die

basically the title says it all. i need a bassist, drummer and rhythm guitarist in the local jersey area. please help!