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Could you check my pulse for me and see if im alive?

this is the new song "Alone" by SWS. too all the Sleeping fanbase here ya go. hope you like it. even if you dont like SWS.

Everything is all wrong (please read. i wish to get published one day!)

This is the image of the fake smile i have to put on when i see you.
you told me, "i only see you as a friend."
im friend-zoned again.

Henry Ton. i never really go for people of your race, cuz im scared there will be controversies. we're both Asian, but you're Chinese. I'm Filipino. you still have a pointed nose and nice hair, kind eyes. your voice is so deep and alluring even if it does sound garbled. i want to touch you, hold you, feel your heartbeat with mine. you are all mine.
The torture. it's not enjoyable. you have her, another Chinese girl.

Can someone please read this and tell me what you think???? pleaseee

Shane Sellucci. my heart. my love. my lover. he's everything i need and everything i want.
his eyes sparkle in the sun and the moon light. they are grey with flecks of purple. his gaze could make me melt. like putty in his hands. i want to hold him. i want him to hold me. kiss me. forever.
i feel like we met before. maybe im dreaming. but im not. his black medium length hair flowing in the wind. his lithe, yet muscular figure standing in a pose of defiance. he sits down under a tree alive with the promise of spring. his back arches in the slightest. i need him.
he pulls a small spiral

Tonight we'll sail to the edge of the world and watch the stars fall down

today i got rejected by my friend, Henry.
i asked him, "would you ever date me?"
he answered, "uhh... i only think of you as a friend. okay?"
i reluctantly replied with, "okay..."

i wanted to cry but there was too many people around. why does no one love me? now im all depressed. "All i know is no one should have to be alone."
i wish i wasnt alone, but i am. forever....

~Lexi Shadow

shadow the day

im starting a band called Shadow the Day! if anyone's interested, please message me or comment on this blog. im the singer and i already have a potential guitarist and drummer. so if you play bass, rhythm guitar and can also do backing vocals, then this is for you :) thanks for reading and please respond!

~Lexi Shadow

new sleeping with sirens song ^_^

theres a new song off of "Feel" that SWS just released. if you wanna listen to it, check out!!!! its the first video on the home page. it features MGK and theres rap in it. it was surprising at first but now i cant stop replaying it ^_^ cant wait for the new album. only 13 more days! gahhhhh!!!!

i think he hates me now

i think Will hates me now. he insults me and ignores me.
he said, no one cares about you
i said, Henry cares about me. right Henry?
Henry was there to support me :)
Henry answered, ....Yeah.
im glad he cares.
Will said, yeah right..

i wonder why he hates me. he has problems. what should i do? should i talk to him?


hello beautiful people!
im just at school, working on a program called Flash. its boring. i have absolutley nothing fun to do! gahhhh!!!! someone please message me or at least help me find something to do ._.

~Lexi Shadow

final decision

im going to break up with Will. its not right to fake love. i still havent done it yet. but i will. in 10 minutes. wish me luck (that i dont believe in)!!

~Lexi Shadow


im so conflicted.
right now, there are three guys in my life. there's Will, my boyfriend, Max, my best friend, and Henry, my friend that i've known since last year. all of them are equally as sweet. but i love Max the most, yet he has a girlfriend.
Will is so sweet and adorable, but im not sure if i can ever love him as much as he loves me. im not sure if i can ever love him again. this is the fourth time we've gotten back together and its getting kinda old. i feel like i have to fake my love for him. thats bad right?
and then there's Henry.