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Emotional Problems

if i tell both, wont they be mad? what if i do and they both want nothing to do with me? Connor or Jake? Jake or Connor? im so conflicted. i feel like i want to cry. or be mad at myself. :(

relationship advice, please?

sup guys? i have a huge dilemma and i need your help. you guys give the best advice.
there's this guy, Connor, that i've been talking to. and then theres my boyfriend, Jake. Connor told me that we are together which i guess is what he meant by "i'll give you another chance." i didnt think we were on this level yet! on the side, Jake is my current boyfriend and now i have two of them. should i tell Jake? i like him too much. but i love Connor more. Jake is so mysterious and makes me want to stay with him and figure out who he really is.

i was gone for a bit

hows all my favorite people doing? i havent been very active in blogging for a month. have i missed much? as before, ive told you guys that i appreciate when you confide in me for your problems, whether theyre emotional, physical or mental. ive been through a lot. right now i have a million things to juggle. a boyfriend who wont tell me everything bout him when i already did on the first day i met him. theres a million single and taken guys that want to be with me. im hanging with my nerd clan tomorrow and it might be a boring long day.

if you wanna start a band, im in

its depends on distance though. I live in NJ. if there's anyone who lives nearby. a state away is fine. I can sing and play guitar and clarinet, if you're into that. im a little rusty though..... so hey my name is Lexi or Shadow, which ever you like I don't mind. ill be 18 in july. I don't have a car yet. my vocal range is from Andy Biersack deep voice to Kellin Quinn's high pitch. and I've always wanted to be in or start a band, so yeah.

happy birthday gerard way!!!!!!!

today marks Gee's 37 year of living. we all know he's not afraid to die and im glad he's still alive, singing and being crazy as usual. just think I got into MCR when I was in eighth grade. so I've been listening to him for about 4 years now. I've seen the revolutions from all their albums. I've listened to them at full volume not stopping even when my ears started to sting. it's amazing to know that with Gerard and the guys that what you see is not what you get. its so much more. so on this day let's celebrate our youth. MCR may be dead but we're not and we have so much left to live for.

hey everyone

all you metal/scream lovers!!!!
listen to Follow My Lead
they've got a lot of good tracks out
album coming soon!!!!


hopelessly waiting

so i tried calling Maddie but she wont answer. i told her its urgent that we speak. im still waiting to get Connor's new number. its agonizing but i guess i have all the time in the world....

i feel like a horrible person

so heres the update on Connor, sorta...
everyone says I should call him. but my bff Maddie says he might not want to talk to me. I dropped off the face of the earth and forgot about him. hopefully I get his number. luckily the thing that has been taking most of my time has ended. I went to a mental health program for the past six months. that's why I haven't talked to him, so there...

need major colossl advice O.O

i just called my bff and asked her about my friend Connor. hes in a bad state now after i vanished, meaning that i abruptly stopped talking to him for 8 mos. he tried to get over me and get back with his ex but it didnt work out. now hes so depressed and broken. the only reason i havent talked to him is because ive been stuck doing therapy. it was all day. ive been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. and Connor has ADHD and ADD. Maddie (bff) told me all this news. she even said that he changed his number and deactivated his email.


people put their trust and feelings into me cuz I say I can relate. and its overwhelming to help out all of you's. trust me, I love helping and we've been through a lot of the same things. just don't be so upfront about it. lemme get to know you first than we can talk serious. cuz most of the time, I like to talk nonsense.
don't worry. I promise to help all who need it :)
love you guys <3