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School Sux

yup that pretty much sums up my thoughts right now. im supposed to be working on a math project but i wasnt in class the day we went over this. and my teacher didnt even explain it to me. granted i do love her but sometimes she is forgetful. i hate that.
well im just sitting here typing, listening to my ipod, being emo and not talking to anyone. i wish people would give me some respect. as i walk down the hallways, i get looks of disgust and distaste. i once wore fingerless gloves all day and this ignorant guy was like why are you wearing gloves? are your hands cold? no my hands are not cold.

More Pics for you guys

heres the pics you guys wanted! :)

A Song I Wrote for A Special Someone

Its been so hard
The distance kills me every single day
All that i want
Is you with me right now
I want to see your face
When i tell you
That i cant live without you

And i know you want me
To be with you right now
But i cant even get there
Even if i tried
I've been restricted for so long
They dont even let me speak
So i need you here
To hold me close tonight

You call me your love
But theres not even a single trace of it
And darling i know
That its hard for you too
But if i told you i love you
You'd walk away from me
'Cause youre not ready yet
You're in too much pain
And i cant help

A Sad Song

"40 Days..."

Let's start at one
And count the days
Let's hope to God that time flies like they say
Cause this instance can't distance my heart from yours tonight
But I'm lying awake now and I'm holding your picture
It's so cold here without you

And I need you now, cause it's killing me
And I wish somehow, you were here with me
When I fall asleep I feel you with me
Till I fall asleep and you are with me

Could this be more
I've been up all night riding subway lines
Now we're sleeping on your floor

Can we make this a lifetime, you're all I want right now
Life keeps telling me I need to go

here's the pics you wanted guys :)

hereyago! these are the pics for the two people that asked for them. your welcome!

Who is your favorite member of the band?

let me know who cuz i have gazillions of pics of them. if you tell me yours, i'll post pics of him :)

Like a Bullet Through a Flock of Doves

pew! pew!
if you guess what song the title is referencing, i just might give you a hug. well virtually.... unless you magically appear next to me.
so im tremendously bored. i have FDD again. ugh only 4 hours and 19 min till im out of this hellhole of a learning instiute. after the bell rings at 2 i have to stay for a double detention. i dont think they offer single detentions anymore.
so yeah... if you wanna chat im here. if you talk to me that would be totally mathematical! ^_^
ahhh adventure time how i love you....
now before i leave im gonna leave you with this: NAKED BABIES! NAKED BABIES!

Like a Bullet Through a Flock of Doves

yeah that was a prison reference! ^_^
im so bored. i have FDD yet again. ugh im so bad. and after this is a double detention. poor me... hopefully i know someone in there. please please let me know someone in there or i will die of boredom ._.
so umm good morning all! hows life? if you wanna chat im here :)
i am like a bullet through a flock of doves. get too close and i will run away. take a shot and im gone.
well okay bye....

I Like the Sound of the Broken Pieces

i actually dont like the sound of the broken pieces.... i just love the song Professional Griefers <3
im sad....
my "daddy dearest" took away my beloved phone, even if it was old and crappy but still! you know what he said to me last night? he called me a loser and a bitch. but worst of all he insulted all my friends!!! granted they're all emo/scene and get insulted everyday but ITS STILL NOT RIGHT! one day they're gonna be famous in a screamo/post hardcore band. ugh i hate him so much. he says that i dont care that i do anything wrong.

i dont wanna go....

heres a random pic of andy biersack with a lamp shade on his head for you guys who like black veil brides :)
ughhh i have a pep rally and i dont wanna go. im not peppy at all. im just gonna listen to my ipod the whole time. ooh helena just came on! anyway, pep rallies are loud, obnoxious and unnecessary. i dont give a damn about winter sports. i dont play one. i play softball in the spring and fall. grrrr i hate society. society has to realize that some things arent important. like right now