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Happy mcr day!

Happy MCR day! Show some love for our boys even if they aren't a band anymore <3

Thanks a million!

Thanks to the people who support me and Connor! <3 I'm glad you guys are doing so well :) I love you guys

-Toxic Flame

What's up buttercup?

Hello bloggers, vloggers and MCrmy members! I haven't posted a blog on here in a while so here goes it. I'm in a shore house right now. It's fun. The beach is nice and I just bought a kite. It's cloudy over here and a little rainy. I'm just sitting here waiting to fly it. Since I've been back on my meds my mood has been pretty stable. No random hyperness or outbursts. But that's probably cuz it's pretty bland here. I've only gone to the beach and Wright Brothers museum. Talk about snoozefest. Even though the beach is fun. I wanna hang with my friends but I'm an hour drive from home ----------

Happy late birthday Ray Toro!!!!

Im so sorry i missed it but i had no wifi connection...
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELATED BIRTHDAY FRO MAN!!!!!!! I hope you see this. We're both cancers and share the same birth month :D my birthday was july 8. Enjoy every moment. Do it now and do it loud! I love you man <3

Movie soundtrack challenge

Heres my results:

Opening credits: So What - Pink!

Waking up: Payphone - Crown the Empire

1st day of school: Friends and Alibis - Escape the Fate

Fighting: Fallen Angels - Black Veil Brides

Breaking up: Misery Business - Paramore

Prom: Famous Last Words - My Chem

Life is good: When the Day Met the Night - Panic! At the Disco

Mental breakdown: New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco

Driving: Let It Roll - All Time Low

Flashback: Im Yours Tonight - The Academy Is...

Making up: Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Wedding: Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chem

Night Before War: Knives and Pens -

Just a little update

Hey hey MCRmay!!! Its lexi here. Just wanna ask how yall are doing? Ive been hearing some great things. Im doing pretty well. Other than breaking up with my controlling boyfriend then getting back together with him everything has been awesome. Im officially an adult now. I turned 18 a few days ago. Tonight im going to Atlantic City to eat dinner at the buffet. Its gonna be delicious.
So again just wanna catch up with everybody. All my friends and even people i dont know too.

officially an adult!!!

hey guys! i am officially an adult now. i just graduated from high school. im only 17 but i will be 18 in 2 weeks so it works for me. on my birthday i am going to have a birthday/grad party. YAY! and im gonna get the underside of my dark black hair died a bright blue! so anyway that iss an update on my life. see ya guys on the other side of Battery City. i lie nearby in Badassland ;)


who likes ronnie radke?

I do! this is the new song I love!!!!

good morrow

hey everyone. I got my sorta yearbook now. well I didn't order one so its just a notebook right now. but I got millions of signatures! and I stole my friend's bowtie. its purple and does not match my orange and black shirt. I finally got a hug from my long standing crush Jimmy Peters and I got his number. I said, I will randomly text you later! ha! and its a half day today so yay for me!
at 4, I have an appointment with my new psychiatrist. hopefully they are so nice. well anyway here I am with my bowtie that Dylan may never get back! later my sorta bf will kiss me today :3
meh meow.

i have a new boyfriend now

his name is Max Politowski. and even though he doesn't listen to Fall Out Boy, I still love him. hes a super tall cute emo guy abnd hes all mine. we hold hands and he kissed me on the head. yesterday I seemed to seduce him and he made me break up with Jakey.
poor Jakey. im so sorry I had to break up with him over text. but hes sick so I don't think hes at school. boo him.
but anyways I love Max and I have since last year in May when I met him after SATs last year. I walked into the video game store and he was there with straightened fluffy hair! wearing all black is a turn on.