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Chapter 4: Killjoys Never Die

She was in a cellar-like room. Three other guys with bandannas around their necks sat around a small circular table loaded with snacks, candy and soda. A couch with a tv in front of it equipped with an xbox and four wireless controllers sat in the back.
"Come meet my friends!" my uncle exclaimed.
The blonde guy with the red jacket spoke up first. "Hey," he said with no expression, somewhat like a poker face. "I'm Mikey. But the killjoys call me Kobra Kid." he shook my hand.
"How do you do? I'm Gee or Party Poison," he introduced himself with a smile stretching from ear to ear.
"And I'm Ray," a tall guy with a curly Afro declared. "They call me Jet Star."
"Nice to meet you guys. I'm umm... I've never really had a name. I've had so many identities lately. I'm not sure who my real identity is..."
"Don't worry," my uncle replied. "We'll have a killjoy name for you in no time. What would you like us to call you for now?"
"Call me Skye," I said with a smile.

Caught totally off guard

So this is the text I get today: Me, Adam and Con are going to Paris for a while. We won't be reachable.
I tried to ask how long but I got no answer after that. That made me really mad. I'm still pissed. They could've told me this earlier. Connor, my boyfriend who couldve texted me yesterday, didn't even tell me any of this terrible news. The worst part is its a long distance relationship and now the distance will be longer. I'm so depresses. I wanna cry. I wanna do other things that I can't say. They left without first notice. Without a goodbye. I ant even text my boyfriend. It's the only thing I look forward to every day. Now what do I have left to live for?

~eh, who cares about signing off? :(

Hello night chatters!

Hello night chatters! Who wants to talk? I'm nice and sweet and don't bite. Well except on special occasions... Meep :3 we can talk about anything you want! Still trying to stay active on this site. I never really get many comments or messages anymore. I used to get at least 4 :(
Please talk to me. I'll love you forever <3

Happy almost friday!

Just wanna celebrate almost the weekend! How are all my favorite MCRmy members? I've been doing fantastically. Connor and I have been doing great. He always says sweet things to make me feel better about the long distance.
Like this:
I love you with all that I am. Every breath I take is for you. Every sound I make is a hope that you will hear it. Every pain I feel is hoping you feel something a million times better. I love you
Isn't he the sweetest? I'm so happy :3
I wanna know if you're doing as awesome as I am. Even if you're not, let me know. Like I always say, you can tell me anything. I'll help any of you with anything. Ive been through most of the things you're dealing with. I have experience and I'll try to make it better. I promise.

~Lexi (Toxic Flame)

Calling all late night chatters!

That's all I have to say

Question challenge

1.Favorite music genres (2): rock and post hardcore
2. Favorite bands (3): My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens
3.Favorite songs of the above bands
(1 each) Famous Last Words, Perfect Weapon, Do It Now Remember It Later
4.First time you heard them.
My friend introduced me to my chem. I listened to Helena first and instantly fell in love with the vid and the style. My other friend told me I might like black veil brides in eighth grad when I started to dress like a goth. I loved Andy's deep voice and the darkness of the band. I found sleeping with sirens when I was browsing YouTube. I clicked on the vid for Do It Now Remember it Later and loved Kellin's randomness and good looks. I was amazed at how high he could sing.
5.Favorite actor/actress. Johnny Depp
6.Favorite movie they've been in. Nightmare Before Christmas

Calling all late nighters!

Any late night chatters??? I'm uber bored. Just watching tv. I'm down for talking about anything :)

1 week-aversary!!! <3

Hey guys! Today is my baby Connor and I's 1 week anniversary <3
wish us luck in our relationship. I've been dating him on and off since February 2013. This time it'll be different cuz I really love him and I really wanna make this work. He's so amazing, sweet and cute. Hopefully all goes well
Tender Lex and Con. TLC babaaaay <3

Late night blog

Hey guys! Any late nighters up? I'm bored and willing to chat ^_^
My baby Connor isn't answering my texts so I'm feeling lonely. Anyone wanna change that? :)
I'm willing to talk to anyone

Good news!

Gee has been posting pics on twitter showcasing the comeback of his red hair. It's reddish orange like fire. And with those pics he's been posting tweets about his progress with his new album Hesitant Alien. Check out the vid for his new single Action Cat. I bet Lyn-Z and Bandit are so happy for him and we should be too. I feel that MCR breaking up allows them to broaden their horizons and find out who they really are and who they want to be. This is so great!

Signing off,
Toxic Flame