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No one talks to me on here anymore

Oh. My. Glob!!!

I've missed you all so much!!!! I'm always here for all of you!! I love you guys :D <3 What did you guys get for christmas?? I got an electric guitar FINALLY!!! It's so beautiful and I have made 3 songs on it.. It's a Fender Stratocaster and it's black and I named it Bella Muerte I was either going to name it Bella Muerte or Black Beauty or something along those lines :D I love you all and message me if you ever need someone to talk to :D
*Psychotic Joy*


I'm bored you guys... Will someone talk to me?? Please and thank you? :) How many of you guys are excited for Conventional Weapons? I so am :) !!! I love the 2 new songs that came out: Tomorrow's Money and Boy Division. :)
Poor Frank Iero and his family, I pray and hope that he will be ok and that his family will too <3 I love them all :)
Halloween was Frank's birthday and I hope he had a very good one. :)
Did any of you guys hear Professional Griefers and This Song Is A Curse? I love those songs also and I am so siked for the new songs to come out!!!!
I know I probably sound lame

How do I change my profile picture?

Ok I know this sounds stupid but I have no freaking clue as how to change it so can someone help? I would really appreciate it! OH yeah and every one has a signature like ~Battery Acid so can some one help me think of one? Thanks.

Please and thank you!

Anybody should message me or add me. I am dying to talk to people and make some friends. Thanks.

My Chemical Romance

Well there is no picture or video but Hey! I love my chemical romance and I always will they are just wonderful people. They have saved so many lives. I love all the quotes they have ever made cause either their inspirational or they are funny sometimes they are sad though. I need some like friends on here. So message me if you want. Thank you. I am 13 years of age so no innapropriate things please or words or messages. Thank you. (sorry if I spelt anything wrong I cannot spell today.) Haha.