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Life in the zones

Why hello there my lovely killjoys,
How are you lives going in the zones? I'm just chillin, listening to some mcr and thinking how wonderful life is (at the moment, my life is like a rollacoaster) hope your having a good day, live life to the full, dont take crack ect and make sure u have a good time cuz life is what you make it! ;)
~Sandstorm Explosion

me :P

I'm not a spaz im just worryingly retarded,
i may be clumsy, i may be a sychotic maniac but i am not stupid
beauty is in the eye of the beholder (i've so got to meet this man!)
i like many icecream flavors but i despize strawberry how could they try to make something halthy be unhealthy it's just un-natural.
-Sandstorm Explosion


rry about the cutting help post i didnt mean to break one of the rule i just need someont to talk to and my dad monitors my laptop so he would se the sites i go on so i thught this way would be safer, sorry
-Sandstorm Explosion

Cutting help

I'm gonna start cutting, everyone hates me. I did nothing wrong my brother says im a slut, my mom says and i quote, 'you look like a slag...your attitude stinks....I don't like talking to you' and my dads just been shouting at me for something i didnt do. I've lost my best friend and I have nothing to live for, I need some help xx
-Sandstorm Explosion

look closely there is a mcr poster in the background :P xx
-Sandstorm Explosion
(PS tell me what you think of the video)

i command you
I command you to watch this video it is hilarious xx
-Sandstorm Explosion

Chinese lanterns

looking outside my window, i've just seen 2 chinese lanterns and thought people are like chinese lanterns, in the sense were small in the distance compared to everything else, we all shine like stars but eventually the light burns out but when people see us were like a little bundle of joy

happy in love

I'm so happy!! ^_^ I'm txting my bf and this is what he said:
'I luv u baby' and 'you mean the world to me' he also said in the words of MCR 'The only hope for me is you alone...xxxx' life is soo good i hope we never break up! :) I'm happy in love it's like im in my own world xxx
-Sandstorm Explosion
la la la la la la la......

picci skils 3

Hey everyone,
Thanks to I_love_margaret for letting me use the picuter of their car to edit xD Tell me what you think, what I could improove and please leave some requests for me to edit :D


*sigh.... I'm thinking about my killjoy name 'Sandstorm Explosion' and I'm thinking of changing it because I'm designing a mask and I think the name, July Snowfall would go with it really well. Am I allowed to change my killjoy name? and do you think I should?