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:) I went to the Oasis market today! :) I was soooo exited XD i got a MCR poster after looking about the stall for 30 mins, ALSO... I GOT MY first MCR T-SHIRT!! I know its my first, but still, im 12, I have time. When I got home I ran to my room put on the t-shirt squeeled abit then ran around the house goin: nanananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananana, but then i fell on my face -.- then started having a happy spaz :) so, still wearing the t-shirt and feeling special now XD xxxx -E


Are you kidding me??? All this shit with the 'Bielibers' has gotten to far, yes, we have are differences, but just stay away from them then!?!? its not rocket science, its like bloody 5 year-olds in a classroom, some of them have gotten to violent and thats one of the reasons i hate them, but I'm not gonna fight back, if we dont give them a responce then they can't do anything, fighting back gives them something to tease and laugh at you about. SO DONT DO IT!


If you've seen my songs and how deep they are, they take alot of thought but... I CANT THINK!! I'm trying to write a song about how we cant make it on our own in life, but, nothing -.- i cant picture anything, HELP MEEE! :$ i dont like being speechless, its not like me xxx -E


I posted a song earlier, and I poured all of my feelings into it, and what did i get, 1 comment! I'm so so so sorry for ranting, and I dont like to rant but im pretty damn upset now :'( could some nice killjoys please comment on my song, i dont even mind if it's negative, I just want to know what YOU think! so that I could make a better song for YOU, im not being selfish, I just want to make good music and try my best to follow in the footsteps of any good musician, thanks a bunch


My friend told me to upload it, I dont think its to good, but here you go:

My heart

(Verse 1)
Standing on the edge of this mountain,
Looking though my past,
I’ve been through so much boy,
And I wanna make this one last.

You look at me with those big brown eyes,
And you know inside of me there lied,
A space it my heart and you filled it up,
You’ve gotten right to the top of my heart
You’ve gotten right to the top of my heart,
My heart

(Verse 2)
Did you ever feel alone before you met me?
I know I did, but I wanna know ‘bout



(Verse 1)
It was such a long day
You were there for me
Thoughts through my head of what we couldn’t be
You gave me hope, you gave me strength
I hoped that this moment would never end

But when the light from the end of the tunnel comes closer
Sometimes it strikes you blind
When you feel like you’re on top of the world,
Time leaves you behind.
You held me high so it felt like I had wings,
But when it comes down to the truth,
We were playing on broken strings

(Verse 2)
Is hard to remember when we were both happy?


I am confused :S This guy and I became friends, then he started flirtin, so i played along, but then he txt me saying he got a new gf and he didnt want to talk to me anymore, because she might think he was cheating. It felt like my heart had been broken, but we were never dating, just flirtin and havin a laugh. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND ANYWAY! and I love him with all of my heart, so why am I so upset that a guy who I was just friends with doesnt want to talk 2 me? i dont and didnt love him! I need killjoys advise, some 30stm and MCR might numb the pain but it hasn't gone, help me Killjoys!
I love


I dont want to sound pathetic and irritating but seeing as everyones on the easter holidays than I have alot more extra time, I have nothing to do and I miss my boyfriend, I cant contact him in any other way than email and he wont reply to me, listening to this song relates to me so much, Im sitting in a dark room crying and in need of some help, the thought of me not seeing him kills me inside. Please, can anybody help me i need a killjoy oxox


1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (that bits obvious)
2) My mom is sick of me coming up with random facts about you
3) My mom think I'm too 'obsessed' that it's becoming 'worrying'
4) You dont look 34 :P
5) I'm shocked I think a 34 year old is fit :)
6) You make my life so much easier to bare
7) I think you are one of the 5 best poeple to walk this earth
8) I wish I could meet you someday :( but that won't happen
9) If I met you I would faint
10) Can mcr do a signing near Birmingham? I would so be there


The top one is one of me and my best friend Stella :) and the 2nd pic is one I just took :P oxox