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the other blog failed

yeah... the blog was about the song, i forgot to add in the song -.- im such an idiot, anyway here u go xxx


Joshua's (my bf) cover of Green Day- Good Riddance, before he gave me the cd with this on I'd never heard him sing like this! tell me what ya think, comment on youtube :P xx


Just been downstairs for dinner, upstairs now, in my room crying. My mom looks at my wrists and says i look 'ridiculous', only because I'm wearing the studded wristband, a checkered strap and a green day wristband. all of which belong to my boyfriend I'm always called emo and out-casted at school, i dont need it at home as well, I need someone, anyone, just someone to help me. gonna have to stop writing, my eyes are full of tears xxx

please guys :)

I worked really hard on a song and got 1 comment, can you guys please comment, it feels like nobody cares :'( even if its bad feedback, atleast it's feedback :) xxx-E


Dedicated to Joshua, my amazing boyfriend...

Neglected, Rejected,
I’ll never find someone like you,
Disrespected, Mistreated,
This is all that we’ve been through.

Because when you are by my side,
Nothing can break us now,
Let’s fight this messed up world,
Turning their power down,
It’s you and me for eternity-
And I know your heart is true
But when my knees are scraped up,
And I’m down on the ground, you’re the one-
That will stop me feeling blue.

When no-one will listen,
Completely ignored,
You’ll always have someone,
Just come to my door,
I will always be here for you,

MCR mingle

Hi killjoys...
Can poeple be nice to my buddy, she's new to the website and dont know anyone but me, send her a message ect and bee NICE! xD
-Velvet Bullets


I found a new band, I like XD Black Veil Brides, i got their album yesterday and I fell in love with it, not as good as MCR, but still, i like it :) tell me what you think xxx

:3 ANYONE???

To bored -.-
no one to talk to -.-
need someone to talk to -.-
message me XD
I'll cry if nobody does,
xxx -E


... and this thing is very important, To focus on the good things in your life makes you feel so much better and lucky, I mean when I got really upset i thought about bad things and started feeling sorry for myself, thats not what we should do! problems with family= think about the friends you have, getting ditched= think about the friend you have, worried about something= think about the friends you have. Nomatter how crap I feel I've just thought, I know poeple that can help me, so I text someone or msn, even on here!


Okay then..
My boyfriend made a band (that I'm not in) called Psycomaniac, and I made a logo for their band, even though I'm not in it do you think that they would use it?? if you dont get the logo, the two P's for psyco and the M going through them for maniac, please please please tell me what you think