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My Boyfriend *-*

This is my boyfriend, he recently went to a photo shoot :) he plays the guitar REALLY well. Tell me if you think he should do another please....
--E x


being a kid. mummy just gave me chocolate trifle in the bowl with a massive over-sized spoon, time to get it all over my face!! ima b like this when im in my thirties x hehe chocolate is fun x


Shaved hair, feeling good, love my short hair! do you think I should grow it back? x

Inside I'm a wreck, I'm confused, worried, sick and tired. I'm a living nightmare

bored, copied, might aswell

Ipod on shuffle=

If I had a band, it would be called: Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold

When I die, my headstone will say: You Shook Me All Night Long- ACDC

At my wedding, in my vows I will say: Leave Out All the Rest- Linkin Park

If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Night of the Hunter- 30 Seconds to Mars

When I leave high school, I will be most remembered for: Firestarter- The Prodigy

When my boy/girlfriend makes me mad I tell him/her: Let the Flames Begin- Paramore

When I party I like to: Right Now- Korn

When People send me annoying forwards, I scream: Anything Goes- Guns n Roses

please look at the song i wrote, i need feedback *-*
another song n__n

Tell me what you think:

You don’t really know me you just see my mask,
You don’t know how to keep a straight face; it’s such a hard task
If only someone loved me, as much as I loved you
Sometimes I wonder if it was all in my head, but that part’s up to you.

When you left a part of me died,
When you hurt me I saw the pain in your eyes,
When you walked away I thought you didn’t care
But nobody does, they just pretend and stare
When you loved me I saw the light
Now to keep sanity is such a great fight
But when you ripped my heart in two,
The larger half stayed with you.


I just drew this :) can I please have some feedback, where i can improove and such :) sorry havent posted recently i been busy busy busy xxx lysm xxx


This morning my friend Niamh died of leukemia (cancer) it's hit me hard, i got told after school and cried my eyes out, i feel terrible but at least i have the killjoys, i just wanted to say Niamh rest in peace, we all love you so much, you brave solider. Keep marching, at the age of 12 you are my hero xx

I'm in love....

.... with biffy clyro's music :) honestly i cant get this song out of my head, its driving me CRAZY! tell me what ya think of da song xD xxx