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helllllo everyone i'm soooooooo bored sitting at school gonna do a careers convention in about half an hour (basically we get free shit and watch people say you have to get a career) and hopefully i'll get some info about art or music careers (probably music). i'm ment to be doing science homework but no i'm going to listen to my ipod and sing along to mcr and falling in reverse.
sorry for the update killjoys.
got to go before the draculoids at my school catch me
blood bunny signing off



if i had a party blower i would blow it now

pancakes and cream

hello now that caught your attention how are you? currently procrastinating the homework that i have to do for tomorrow which sucks. and ieroween!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FRANKIE!!!!!! for tomorrow of course and i don't have anything to do on halloween so i'm just going to go around the house and dress as gerard from revenge era (with the black strip thing and everything) and scare kids and at school going to put my clip in purple highlight which would be awesome. so that's me done for the day.
night night sleep tight don't let the draculoids bite
blood bunny signing off

more stealing

Your Bedroom
[x] Is Blue, Pink or Purple (I really wanna repaint!)
[] Has a sofa
[x] Has a TV
[] Has more than one mirror
[x] Has a Whiteboard/Corkboard
[] Has Many Pictures of friends, family etc
[x] Has Posters of bands (You really think I wouldn't cover my wall in MCR? Who do you think I am!)
[x] Has a desk or dressing table
[] Has a playstation/Xbox/Wii

[] You have Habbo Hotel account
[] You have ever added someone on msn from Habbo
[] You have a Neopets account
[] You have a Club Penguin account
[] You have a Facebook
[] You have a Myspace
[x] You have a Twitter

stealing again

Put an X for the ones that apply to you, and add up the total as you go along.

Natural Hair Color:
[ ]Redhead – $80
[X]Brunette – $75
[ ]Blonde – $50
[ ]Black – $15
[ ]Bald – $5
[ ]other-$0
Total So Far: $75

Eye Color:
[ ]Blue – $100
[ ]Green – $75
[ ]Brown – $50
[X]Hazel – $25
[ ]Other – $15
Total So Far: $100

[ ]Over 7′ – $200
[ ]6’8? to 7′ – $175
[ ]6’0? to 6’7? – $150
[ ]5’5? to 5’11? – $75
[X]5’0? to 5’4? – $45
[ ]Under 5′ – $25
Total So Far: $145

[ ]30 to 40 – $100
[ ]25 to 30 – $75
[ ]20 to 25 – $50
[ ]18 to 20 – $25
[x]0 to 18 – $15
Total So Far:

i have twitter

hiya just got twitter follow me at @bloodbunny15 and i'll follow you back

stolen 100

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
cover, and lifted it off. Water gushed from the faucet. it's

2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?
lost planet on xbox 360

3.Before you started this survey, what were you doing?

4.What is the last thing you watched on TV?
ipod revolution (i'm sad i know)

5.Without looking, guess what time it is

6.Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

7.With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
toilet flushing (it makes a loud noise)

8.When did you last

procrastination for the nation

Opening Credits: memories- panic! at the disco (oh memories where'd you go)
Waking Up: set the world on fire- black veil brides (soooo me)
First Day At School: homecoming- green day (weird)
Falling In Love: na na na (na na na na na na na na na)- my chemical romance (awkard)
Fight Song: fallen angels- black veil brides (scream, shout)
Breaking Up: carolyn- black veil brides (love that song)
Life’s OK: knives and pens- black veil brides (seriously too much bvb but hey i love me some bvb)
Getting Back Together: give me novacaine/she's a rebel- green day (cool choice)
Wedding: the legacy-

look alive sunshine

hiya, crash queens and motorbabies blood bunny is here and happier than ever so yeah how you doing? life is just slightly tedious at the moment here in cold england so i'm indoors going to watch tv and listen to cd's i haven't listened to all the way through and put them on my ipod.

also i've done a fanfic on ficwad and i was thinking shall i post it on here?
i've only done 5 chapters and my mind is blocked so can you help me here?
thanks and apparently today is black parade day well then "happy birhtday to my favourite album of all time :)" please comment or message me about this fanfic

puppy sized elephants

now that has caught your attention (if you know where there the title is from you get a virtual cookie) anyway, so i'm bored and i'm supposed to do my homework (on a holiday i know my school is evil) and i bought a clip on highlight (in purple) so i was thinking at school when we get back i will put it on and see what people think (because i always wanted purple streaks but i'm not allowed to dye my hair which sucks) so yeah apparently according to my 17 yr old brother i won't be allowed well i've seen people at school with bright red hair and they never got told off which i think is totally