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mcrchic15's blog

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random xmas blog

merry christmas to all!!!! the things that have happened are:
. i got a guitar (hell yeah)
. i did get an mcr notebook (which i will start doodling in later)
. i done my killjoy amp (it's the pic) what do you think?
. i was in a card shop wearing my fabulous killjoy shirt (the white one) and the lady at the till said "you know they sell the wanted calenders here, 'cause you have the word wanted on your top i assume you are a the wanted fan" (if you don't know what the wanted are they're some shitty pop band in england) so i said "i don't like the wanted" and she said "oh so that's why they

more crappy qustionaires i like :)

[x] i love music
[x] my chem. is my favorite band
[x]i am who i am and no one can change that
[]people hate me when i am myself
[]my parents hate my style
[x]i am crazy
[x] i am shy (on occasion)
[x]i am funny
[x]music is who i am
[] i play an instrument (going to)
[x] i sing
[x] i have been to a concert
[x] i plan on going to a concert (january, so excited)
[x] i have talked to someone famous (kind of met dec from ant and dec)
[] i have many friends

let's get into the xmas spirit

i felt one of my pressies and it feels like a hoodie (hopefully mcr) anyway i heard this song on kerrang! and loved it! it will get you into the christmas spirit. :) enjoy!!
blood bunny signing off

i'm doing this to prove i'm not dead

If you were a rockstar,
You would play:
[] Drums
[] Backing singer
[] Other

You would act:
[] Cocky
[] Charming
[] Dark
[x] Funny
[] Sexy
[x]Quiet (some of the time)
[x] Loud
[] Camera shy
[] Serious

You would marry:
[x] Someone you knew before you were famous
[] Another celebrity
[] A fan
[x]Wait until you find the right person

You would be known for:
[] Your appearance
[x] How well you played
[x] Your personality
[x] For playing in a really famous band

Which 'one' would you be?

[] The adorable one
[x] The Sassy one (hell yeah)

oh unicorn turds

look alive killjoys, haven't blogged in a while due to BLi's homework system, also i've been in a bit of a depressing mood lately like i still feel a little abandoned but I GOT THE REBELS EP!!!!!!!! :DDDDD i'm so happy i've been waiting for about a month for it and i got it this morning and listened to it on the way to school. now bvb army it's amazing! the unreleased song "coffin" is the shit. that's one of the only highlights in my life so far but seeing panic! in january (sorry for mentioning it loads i'm super excited).

yeah but i'm good, and now to occupy my spare time, if you want your

re-post :) stop bullying

originally posted by Viva Vengence:

Please re-post this and re-word however you like. In honor of KILLJOYS EVERYWHERE who have fallen to bullying and cruelty this coming Monday, December 12th is officially KILLJOY MONDAY, please wear a MCR shirt or your Killjoy gear and write "Stop the Hate" anywhere on yourself, hand, arm, neck, etc and take a picture! This coming Monday is my Birthday, and I can think of NO BETTER WAY to celebrate it with my fellow Killjoys/MCRmy than for all of us to STAND UP AGAINST bullying, so do it for the world, and make my Birthday wishes come true in the process!

imagine :)

If you were a member of a band that was just beginning to become famous, and were being interviewed, what would your answer to these questions be?

What position are you in the band?

What's your band name?
black angels or outcast's revenge (i'm stuck)

How many are in your band?
5 (1 singer, 1 bassist, 2 guitarists and a drummer)

Do you ever plan on having kids?
someday, but i don't wanna be mature yet

Who inspired you?
MCR because they told me not to give a shit and they're right

Will you ever drink, smoke or do drugs?
Maybe smoke and drink on occasion

When do you plan to

mcr shuffle thing

Put your music playing device on shuffle and answer me these...

Song that will be covered by My Chemical Romance on their new album?
i feel like dancin- all time low (now that would be awesome)

Frank bursts out of your locker and begins to sing:
new religion- black veil brides (that would just be fucking mintage)

You peek into MCR's dressing room and Bob is lip-syncing this song into the hair dryer:
always- panic! at the disco (that would be weird)

Ray's fro starts transmitting radio frequencies! The song it picks up is:
minority- green day (fro radio playing green day- awesome!)

Mikey slips

hola biatches!

i say that to my mates all the time and just want to say
i got deviantart!!!
i need mates it's mcrchic15
please i'm so lonely and soon i'll be posting band drawings :)

got bored

[] Bought condoms.
[] Gotten pregnant.
[] Failed a class.
[x] Kissed a boy.
[x] Kissed a girl.
[x] Used a little paper bag for lunch.
[] Had a job.
[x] Slipped on ice.
[x] Missed the bus.
[x] Left the house without money.
[] Bullied someone on the internet.
[] Sexted.
[] Had sex in public.
[x] Played on a sports team.
[] Smoked weed.
[x] Smoked cigarettes. (one drag and i hated it!)
[] Smoked a cigar.
[x] Drank alcohol. (a little, also hated it, man i'm a woss)
[] Watched “The Breakfast Club”.
[] Had an eating disorder.
[x] Been to a wedding.
[] Made fun of someone for