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some quiz i found because i can't feel arsed to go to bed :)

1. You win a date with Ray Toro, what do you do?
A. Go to a fancy resturant
B. Just hang out, maybe get coffee
C. Pass up the offer because you don't like Ray
D. Ride around town in a white van
Your choice: B

2. What is your preferred type of fan art?
A. Comics
B. Poems
C. Fanfics
D. Drawings
Your choice: D

3. How do you feel about slash fanfiction?
A. I love it more than life itself
B. I read it occasionally
C. I don't care
D. It sickens me to the core
Your choice: C but not too detailed 'cause i do get kinda creeped out after a while (i'm such a wuss)

4. You've learned that

bitchy friends rant (soz to any anti ranting people love you <3)

the main subject on the agenda today is my bitchy friend who had a argument over how apparently mcr is worse than pink floyd.

panic! at the disco gig= AMAZING!!!

sorry i'll be talikng about panic! but i've got some vids uploaded the one above is always (one of the only decent videos i got on my mum's phone that night) and this is the link to their cover of rolling in the deep (which was amazing)
sorry for the bad video quality but it was the best i could do as i was being squashed to death (by the end of the gig i was 4 rows from the barrier) and being shoved to oblivion because it was sold out and nearly fainting a few times whilst a girl infront of me fainted at one point but

life update and all that jazz

hello my killjoy cyber friends how are you?
i'm great! anyway down to buisness as you mau have known from my previous blog i have auditioned for the school talent show and i didn't get through :( i'm kinda relieved because i do get stage-fright quite often in front of people i know (most friends, family and strangers i'm fine with) but i'm in the school musical it's.... WE WILL ROCK YOU :DDDD finally!!!!! a good musical.

talent show and demented fans :)

hello everyone how are you on this delightful day?
sorry that i haven't blogged in a little while but i hate homework. also the news is that this killjoy is doing a talent show (well i auditioned) and i think i did alright (that's the song it's beautiful ^)
anyway away with the demented fans so at school today i heard this girl i know snuck into a one direction gig and got kicked out. then another one had a tshirt that said "you can come in my direction" and an arrow pointing towards her "lady garden". some of these fans don't have common sense.
seriously? why the fuck would you do that?

subs and weird ass faces

it is now 9:30pm and i'm doing a blog.
look at all the fucks i give!!!
anywhore how are my wonderful killjoys today?


if you read my blog, you know what's happened.
about my "friends" do you know what? FUCK THEM!!!
i don't need people who will go against me for no fucking reason.
thanks to the people that commented


god bless you all and have a great weekend
blood bunny signing off


*warning contains rant with ALOT of language*

ok WTF?! i feel pretty bad today, like i can't even talk to my friends anymore without the piss being taken out on me. IT FUCKING SUCKS!!! also this one bitch (yes the same one as the previous blogs) is a being a complete twat she insulted me yesterday so i told the teacher (responsible thing to do) and he talks to her, ok even though my own FUCKING "FRIENDS" still take the piss and say it's a "joke" i can't take it, only one friend (silent static) is nice to me and i can't even talk to her 'cause she hangs out with THAT FUCKING BITCH.

flash fiction

*as i said earlier i wanted to post my flash fiction on here (less then 400 words), so here it is tell me what you think*

Battery city. A place of brainwashed, lifeless minions to the terrible and stupid Better living industries, yeah how ironic is that and their leader Korse. It used to be a peaceful, kind place full of freedom until the 2012 invasion and then instantly a place of creativity is now a place of mindless chores, orders and routine which I despise.

oh leprachaun farts!

school starts tomorrow. but look on the bright side, i had to do this flash fiction (no more than 400 words) based on the theme "the city" so the idea that instantly came to mind was battery city and the killjoys, so i'm writing that but i wrote a whole page and i left it last minute to shorten it, so later i'm hoping that i can post it on here to see what you killjoys think.