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happy b-day mikey

happy b-day mikey you have now turned 31 enjoy your birthday. today also i'm on number 4 of my video countdown so let's celebrate this special day with some fall out boy (i love this band)
enjoy the video
blood bunny signing off


hi everybody how you doing? i'm good my day was weird and the boys were being inconsiderate douchebags. anyway i have my video countdown thingy to do so here it is.
also i might be posting fanfics soon but i work on them via my creative writing club because i got quite a bit of homework to do :(. also i got my new gloves the danger day fingerless gloves that i'm currently wearing right now. and for some time i've been thinking about posting a picture of myself on here i'm not so sure because i'm not that confident and i hate the way i look so yeah i might i'll think about it.

video and school

hello killjoys how are you today? i'm alright school sucked because i had pe in the rain (netball) and on the way home me and my friend eltje were talking about music (mcr, pink floyd etc.) and some twats from my year group kept following us and taunting us because apparently were weird because we don't like all the crappy pop artists out there but i'm staying strong. anyway today is part of my video countdown thing and i hope you enjoy the some one of my favs from this band.
keep running killjoys
blood bunny signing off

hello again

hello kiljoys what's up it was my first day back at school today and it wasn't as bad as i thought although i'm in science class with my arch enemy (well one of them) no need to worry but i found out ihave pe tomorrow (shorts in english weather whoppee insert sarcasm here) any way day 4 of my countdown thing and i shall treat you with some of the used.
blood bunny signing off

this vid is awsome

sorry but it is and i do like msi and it does kinda remind me of garry's mod (if you know what it is you are so cool) anyway here it is

day 3 of my countdown thing

hi 2nd attempt of posting the vid
enjoy my day three thing
blood bunny signing off

day 3 of my countdown thing

heya killjoys how's it going? i got school tomorrow :(
anyway this is day three of my countdown thing and it's all time low
enjoy the video i think it's a great song with a great video
blood bunny signing off

it's near the end

sorry to bother you but i have school in two days AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
but look on the bright side of things i get to see my friend silent static after 7 weeks!!
(6 weeks of holiday including a week trip to wales to miss the last day of school)
also i just want to ask you what would you think if i posted my fanfics up here?
blood bunny signing off (oh if you know what gmod idiot box is you are awesome)

day 2 of my video countdown thing

hello killjoys blood bunny here and here's my favourite song from my nineth favourite band (if you red my blog you'll know what i mean) anyway here it is.

blood bunny signing off
also i'm not that sure of posting my fanfics because i think they are really bad compare to yours so message me if you want ot read them because i got like 15 storylines unfinished and i kinda want to get them out there.

i love this vid

hello again sorry to annoy you i just love this video it's so touching and the song's good too