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found this on another blog and decided to spread the word

"The girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying."
this is so true and it's real deep spread the word about this
blood bunny signing off

banana's can fly?

now that definately caught your attention killjoys just want to fill you in on my life.
got loads of homework to do (including art love art:)) also there is one thing on my mind.
i miss mcr already they should come back to the uk. but they're working on new stuf :D i'm so happy.
one thing i want to ask though is anyone on here a nerdfighter because i'm new to nerdfighteria and it's great :). sorry for the boring blog
goodnight sleep tight, and don't let the draculoids bite
blood bunny signing off

i'm so confused

right so i checked my friend requests and it says people i'm already friends with waiting for approvals and the options are remove friend or remove friend. sorry about this it has happened for quite a while.
what do i do?

is this weird?

hiya guys just got the most coolest/weirdest thing ever.
so i said to my mum i needed a new phone charm
so she got me a jack skellington one
but thats not the creepy thing she got me one with andy biersack's face on it
(here's a pic)
i'm just wondering do you think this is really creepy?
blood bunny signing off

i'm really confused

just wondering i read a few blogs about a guy called jamey (is that how you spell it?)
anyway can you tell me what happened? i'm so confused
blood bunny signing off

hello again

hi everyone how you doing?
i'm doing good also i'm doing this amplifier project in technology and i'm doing a danger days themed (yeah i know)
also i'm persuading my mum to take me to see panic! at the disco soon :D
so yeah this is my life so far
thanks for listening to my boring chat about it
so hears a pic of me and just a random song that i love :)
blood bunny signing off

i'm back

hi killjoys just logged on and thanks for the comments their great and i feel so much better now, also i realised that you guys are even better then some of my so called friends in that you're so nice to me.
also just wondering has anyone heard of the book paper towns? because i'm currently reading it and it's amazing!!!
blood bunny signing off

i'm so annoyed right now

hi killjoys i'll make this quick
so basiclly all the girls in my year take the piss outta me because i like mcr and i only have two friends that like mcr, one of them is in year 11 and the other is my year but on a completely different timetable than me so it sucks.
i get called an emo and goth because i like mcr, green day and black veil brides not jessie j, justin bieber and the wanted.
and this whole sinareo happened yesterday that i don't want to talk about
then i realise that people hate me because i have a short temper and i like mcr so yeah currently my life sucks really bad.
i want

i'm being attacked by giant leprachauns

now that caught your attention
an introduction of darkness then redness then whiteness (sorry for the random tobuscus reference)
i'm really bored and decide to tell you about my life
so far it kinda sucks
but the good thing is BVB concert soon (sorry for mentioning it again i'm so happy today :DDD)
anyway on the subject of black veil brides i want to know comment or message me if you're going to the october 10th BVB gig i must so all our bvb army could unite (and i'll post a pic of me after the gig with the make-up)
another thing is that i'm going to post more pics of my fan-art soon so yeah

stolen quiz

Name: Rosie
Date of Birth: march 14th
Birthplace: Newcastle upon tyne
Current Location: The computer chair :)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color : Light brunette
Height: 5'1"ish (i'm short i know)
Heritage: British mainly but quarter Italian
Piercings: one on each ear (waiting for them to heal up hate them)
Tattoos: Not yet but in 5 years i can get one!!!!

Band/Singer: My Chemical Romance
Song: either I'm not okay, Nananana..., Headfirst for halos or Disenchanted
Movie: The nightmare before christmas or The hangover
Disney Movie: Alice in wonderland
TV show: Ace of