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kinda sad right now :(

hey guys,
so today was the year 11's last day and i had some really awesome friends from there and they were awesome killjoys (erin, terri and helen love you guys) btw helen was the one that introduced me to mcr properly so i written on her t-shirt "keep running killjoy"
but you know life goes on, i've got exams soon and tomorrow is non-unform day which means mcr merch ftw! :D

sorry it was so short here's a video of a song i got recently addicted too.
hope you like it
blood bunny signing off

drawings and shit

hey killjoys, long time no talk

sorry for disappearing for a while, had 2 exams and they sucked and some of my previous blogs got deleted -.-
anyway i started drawing again so what do you think?
the first one is a skull thing i improvised
the second one is a drawing of the third pic (since i decided i should try a different drawing style, took bloody ages though stupid fineliner)

yeah so what do you think i should draw next?

i got a week off next week and i'm thinking about doing some fanfics ( <----- my ficwad page) and drawing aswell as revising for my

don't worry i'm alive

hey guys, sorry i disappeared for a while, had alot of shit to do since i'm doing 2 english exams on wednesday (i hate them) and i was working on some stuff (ficwad mainly but ya'know) and here is an update about me:
1. i REALLY need to get my hair re-dyed
2. a kid got hit by a car outside school (i don't know him but i hope he's ok)
3. life does suck unicorn turd
4. this girl who is from my early blogs who was a bitch is now really nice to me and now we're friends and me, her and a few other friends started playing zombie run at lunch (there's zombies on this map on your phone and you have

this looked fucking hilarious.. may as well do it

1. [x] You have choked on water before.

2. [x] You have tripped down the stairs before.

3. [x] You have walked into a door.

4. [x] You have pushed a door the wrong way.

5. [x] You have walked into a wall.

6. [x] You have fallen going UP the stairs before.

7. [x] You have jumped off stairs and hit your head on whatever was above them.

8. [ ] You have been electrocuted by a light-switch or an outlet.

9. [ ] You have put metal/aluminum in the microwave.

10. [x] Right after a commercial comes on you forgot the show you were watching.

11. [x] You have forgotten something that someone said.

12. [x]

repost, this is an amazing idea

originally posted by SassyPoison:

Okay, so as we all know, This june marks the tenth anniversary of I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, the album that started it all, that changed our idea is, that i will put together a completation of the Killjoys&MCRmy, holding up signs, banners, anything at all, you can even write on your faces! So just send your pictures to (all entries must be in by the 1st of June, please! i need time to create and edit) i can't promise that all of your pictures will be included, but i will give it a good try!

i like procrastinating ok?!

1. Height: 5ft 1.5/2 (i think)

2. Virgin? yeah and proud :)

3. Shoe size: 5/6 women's

4. Sexual Orientation: straight but i don't really care you fall in love for a person not a gender that's what i say

5. Do you smoke? tried once, hated it never again

6. Do you drink? nope tried wine it's gross

7. Do you take drugs? nope unless i'm ill

8. Age you get mistaken for: one time i got mistaken for 15 when i was 12 and 16 when i was 13 so about 15/16

9. Tattoos? nope i'm 14 for fuck's sake

10. Piercings? used to have earrings but let them close up 'cause i didn't like them anymore

11. Best friend?

this is so tempting to do...

Have you ever:

1) Self harmed?
No but i've been tempted

2) Got into a real fight?
Yes but i lost

3) Been too depressed to move out of your bed?
No i always get up

4) Tried to commit suicide?
No not to my loved ones but i've been tempted

5) Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
Yes but only because they wouldn't leave me alone

6) Watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting?
Yes Bottom, The young ones and season 1 of the big bang theory

7) Talked yourself out of serious trouble?
well i wouldn't say serious but i was going to get detention so i have lied many times about

happy birthday gee!!!! :D

happy 35th birthday gee *blows party blower and pulls party popper* keep running gee you are amazing and inspirational.
now to treat you here are some cool and funny pics of gee i found on my computer.
(the bottom one is my favourite)

hello my little killjoys

yeah so sorry for me disappearing for a week i've been to Austria on a skiing trip and i'm in pain also a group of preppy kids in my room started singing one direction so many times i wanted to throttle them and when i started singing mcr and bvb they tell me to STFU (hypocrite) also found out via twiiter about the news. CONGRATS *blows party blower and pulls party popper* to frank and jamia.

blood bunny signing off

hola biatches :D

weird title but hola biatches how is you?
i'm good anyway got my hair dyed (you like?) and now i'm thinking should i get a red streak (like gerard way red) or a purple one?

anyway i have this assistant teacher in IT (don't know his name yet) but he likes the music i like and we just talked about music throughout the lesson and him saying he's seen mcr a few years back and he said to me "you like mcr?" after looking at my killjoy hoodie and i said "yeah they're my favourite band" and he said that his favourtie was green day but mcr was a close second and that he likes bvb, seen fob (lucky) and