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I'm NOT dead

Hey guys *awkward hand wave*
haven't been on here in god knows how long and i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry, i've been so busy so here we go:
1. Going to all time low febuary 10th (eeepppppp)
2. Have some exams coming up
3. Haven't been to a gig since October
4. Conventional weapons is amazing (I admit my favourite is no. 3)
5. MCR is still my fav band (although i've gotten into new stuff)
6. If you like BVB and haven't got Wretched and Divine get it now it is perfection

well that's all i've got, probably not gonna be on here in a while since school-work is taking over my life, BUT i'm

I'm a bad girl >:D

[x] smoked (one time okay)
[x] consumed alcohol (tried drinking half of my mum's beer, disgusting)
[] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
[] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
[] kissed someone of the same sex
[] had sex
[x] had someone in your room other than family
[] watched porn
[] bought porn
[] tried drugs

[x] taken painkillers
[] taken someone else's prescription medicine
[x] lied to your parents
[x] lied to a friend
[] snuck out of the house
[] done something illegal
[x] felt hurt
[x] hurt someone
[x] wished someone

Soooooooooo sorry!!!!

Hey everyone, i'm back
sorry about me disappearing for a long ass time had coursework and all that stuff. So here's an update about my life (even though most of you aren't intrested):

. Conventional weapons is amaze-balls
. Get to do bands for my art coursework (that means Gerard way will be included)
. Got into more bands and stuff (MCR still my all time fav but currently obsessed with Falling in reverse)
. Went to see Bowling for soup live last month (check the video above for that)
. Got into a new band called Patent Pending (check them out, seriously amazing)
. Got UNO when it came out

This is actually quite cool

just found out about the new layout and the logo looks pretty cool, I'm just so nervous about what this record is gonna be like. There are too many cd's I'm excited about being released pre-ordered the new green day trilogy and waiting for this album and waiting for the new black veil brides album which has now been postponed till 2013.

Oh and that rock thing I did went great, well i didn't do shit and i sung all of the cave by mumford and sons (which was quite hard for me since I only had 3 days to actually get the song since I never heard it before) and the chorus of valerie (the amy

Ray's fro is going to eat me alive!!!!

Ok, I guess the title got your attention but hello it is me and i'm not dead just haven't posted a blog thing in a while.

here's a little update on the life of a psycho 14 year old fangirl:
1. Doing stand up comedy next saturday (nervous as hell)
2. Going to Majorca (the sun hates me so i'm probably gonna get bad sunburn)
3. Doing this rock school thing for a week when you get into a band rehearse and then do a gig at the end of the week (REALLY nervous for that as I have selective stage fright)
4. Going to see Bowling for soup (if any of you guys are going let me know, i can't be the only

got bored so i'm doing this now

Real name: Rosie
Killjoy name: Blood Bunny
Age: 14
From: Newcastle aka land of the geordies
Favorite color: Black, Red or Purple
Favorite animal: Tigers
Favorite movie: Suckerpunch, Rock Of Ages, The Hangover or Treasure Planet (okay judge IDGAF)
Favorite band DVD: LOTMS, Bullet in a bible or Straight to DVD
Favorite food: chips
Favorite drink: water
Favorite comedian: Russell Howard
Favorite movie genre: Comedy or Sci-fi or Musical
Favorite book genre: Fanfiction (does it count) or Mystery
Favorite book: The Fault In Our Stars or Paper Towns both by John Green

Top 10 favorite

sorry for the bullshit

hey guys, sorry for the depressing blog earlier i was just upset but here's an update on the situation

my best friend is STILL friends with me which is good and we can kinda hang out at school now (i kinda need a break from them anyway, it was sorta getting tense) also this girl who i was quite good friends with that kinda dissapeared for a while told me that i was pretty and nice and that they weren't worth it and i told my best friend i was sorry for kinda over-reacting (which i tend to do alot)

anyway, here's my art history project (starring a drawing of Gee way) and it took me ages to do

I just can't take it *warning rant*

sorry that my first blog after a while is gonna be depressing instead of my art history project i was gonna show you.

anyway like the title says i ca't take it anymore, just less than an hour ago a girl i used to hate but is now my friend told me that on behalf of her and my other two friends (one of them is my best friend) that it's best if we're no longer friends, now you might think oh you can go back to your other friends the problem is i can't i fell out with one of them a few months back and the other hangs out with this bitch that hates me so i can't.

i feel that i can't take it, the


Faded Death
Forever Kis$ed
Under Byte
Nitro Nightmare
Amplified Suicide
Alkaline Child
Stardust Specter
the fullmetal killjoy
10. Cherry Bomb
krooked klymene
razorblade disco
marshmallow grenade
Retro Rebel
Ash americana
pyro child
Vinyl Rabbit
Agent Revenge
Lurid Kid
20.White Crayon
Killshot Delirium
Exterminator Cola
Ritalin Raygun
Lethal Toast
Retro Glory
heart eater
Pinky Pain
30. Dirty Birdy
Butane Brat
Jazz Bullets
Tempo Thief
Jett Light
Handguns Galore
Cyanide revenge
Toxic Timebomb
Adrenaline Revolution

I'm a mortified chocolate deer antler???

Add up your total score and post a status like this: “I’m a (Write your answer here)”

[ ] – You like cheese.
[x] – You hate peanuts.
[x] – You agree that this quiz is random.
[ ] – You have farted today.
[ ] – You have choked on something.
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