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And he will get NONE!

Damn, I got served at school. I was rockin' out to some Mindless Self Indulgence and MCR, right? Well my girlfriend looked pissed so i sent her a note. This is what it said. " Are you okay? You look angry." and she put back this. " I'm pissed because we never talk!" So I was talking to her and she said she thinks about sex a lot. I was like, well I am your boyfriend and she said that she was too scared and will probably be a virgin. Shit. There goes my fun. <------ That happened but, I'm not selfish, so instead of being upset I kissed her and gave her a hug.

Really!?!?! Things were starting to look up!

My other best friend, Timothy, Is pissed at me. He says that I offend him because I tell jokes. My jokes don't even involve him. I told him that he's being stupid. He comes back saying that I'm a good person, but I'm trying to be noticed and use people. I laughed so loud I thought I was gonna piss my pants xD. But I was mad, this guy is like a brother to me and all of a sudden he says that I have to "earn" his friendship back! What the Fuck, man?! He was always overshadowing me, so I decided to be good at something he wasn't. Being funny. So I though like this at the beginning of the week.


My girlfriend was pissed today... So being a the good guy I am I walk over and try to comfort her. I say, "Caitlyn, whats the matter?" and she said this. "I don't like how you keep talking to Kali!" I was taken aback because Kali is like a sister to me and my friend Johnny is dating her. Now I can't talk to my best friend and my Girlfriend is pissed off. Could be worse though. Could this count a " Bros before Hoes" moment. Does that even count if the bro is a girl.

So! Will Chance solve this problem? Will Caitlyn stop being pissed? Will Johnny shave his head?

Unsigned Music Stars Episode 1: Hoodie Allen

I may get a lot of shit for this, but he deserves it. Rap music. It can be Thoughtful and Caring or Ghetto and Slanderous. Hoodie Allen brings a mix of these elements as he talks about women and curses. But also has a very strong message in this song. (The Chase Is On) I think he deserves to be signed because he's better then Snoop Dogg or Lil' Wayne in my opinion. Please comment your thoughts and responses below.

I'm going to try and make some of this with all genres of music.

Wow. The world works in mystirous ways.

Today the girl I USED to like asked me out. No more sulking in the back! And get this, she's an MCR fan too! What Happened?

Killjoys! ATTENTION!

I want to know if anyone wants artwork done. Ask my friend i drew everyone in MCR for her and she still goggles over them.... ahahaha send her a message and ask her IDKmyname12. If anyone wants anything done just inbox me a pic and i'll draw it :) Thanks Much.

Congratulations...... You've Lost!

I feel sick..... one of my best friends...... Dating the girl I love for 3 months behind my back. WHAT THE FUCK!? My friend told me this..... He likes her too. Why me! C'mon at least give a brother a notice! Now I feel like a douche for reacting like this. But I asked her out last night only to find out today....... I don't know what to do anymore..... Shit got real.... EVEN FASTER. I just don't know.......... Thanks IDKmyyname12. Thanks very much.


Shit gets real....... FAST. I like a girl at my school, and she is probably one of the only people I trust. I hate to complain like this to you guys but I need some sort of guidance. I love her but I don't think she loves me. I don't EVER use the "L" word. But she's my only exception except my family. Ahhhhh...... Why, why, why?!? I need some help and god knows that my friends will just joke me over and over again.

JACKET CONTEST!?!?!?!???!!!

WTF?!?! This is taking forever! C'mon Gee! Tell Usssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! Comment if you agree!

My jacket

I did this for the contest its okay i think tell me what you guys think! (i already submitted it :P)