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I feel like two people.

I've been dating this girl... And well this is gorwing tiresome. I've been dating this girl right. Well she's... umm... suicidal. And I can't stand it anymore! I keep trying to help her. But everyday she threatens to slit her throat. I've finally lost it. But I'm afraid that if I break up with her she'll really do it. I've cut before, my friends have cut, she cut. But we've never threatened suicide everyday. I act happy around her, but my mind is always on a different girl. So when she talks to me, I feel like crying because of guilt.

I miss Bob.

I just watched "Life on the Murder Scene." I MISS BOB!!!!!!!! He was so cool! He was so grounded and straight forward. But was funny! Like when Frankie jumped on his drums he was like "You don't know how bad I wanted to push him off and start laughing." It was so... dry, that it was funny!!! I really miss Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob being "My Chemical Romance. The band that can write dark songs and be inspirational at the same time and your parents hate 'em!" now their Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray. "My Chemical Romance.

Who here really hates emotions right now? Because this is ridiculous.

3 girls. The Girlfriend, The Ex and The Neighbor. All of them... So confusing. I think my best bet is to go an join a monestrey. Shave my head and be done with chicks. But then again, that would mean no MCR, and we can't have that... I don't know. I hang out with my neighbor more than my girlfriend. I like her. And she waited at my house for me to come back from seeing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo a couple days ago. So she waited with her sister, my brother and my brothers friend until I came back. She then asked me if I wanted to play manhunt and I said yeah sure.

Oh... Well Merry FUCKING Christmas!

Just thought instead of telling my problems for once I would spread some Christmas cheer. Now listen to the song. Sit back, relax and just be a Killjoy. So I want to know, what do you guys want for christmas?

- Vendetta Kid

Well... What the fuck?

Hmmmmmmm...... Situations, who hates them, THIS GUY DOES. I was talking to my ex last night. Me and her are like still best friend and were designing our Killjoy outfits together. Sounds nice right? WRONG. She's my girlfriends best friend. And she's dating one of MY best friends. So I man up and ask if she still likes me. She said yes. I practically went into shock for about an hour. She asked me whether I liked her more than my girlfriend. I've liked this girl since the fourth grade. I've only know my girlfriend for about 6 months. So I said I think I like you more.

Well. I finally found a killjoy name... I just hope nobody stole it.

Vendetta Kid.... Cool name. Me and my friend Lighting Fanatic came up with it. Apparently I hold personal grudges... I'll remember that..... xD But soon were going to post out designs for jackets and stuff and then were going to make them! Wich is fucking AWESOME!

Labels... Sex... Teachers... Feild Trips... Goths... Emos... Clothes and Craziness.

I had a feild trip today. We went to a bowling alley and then the mall. I was chillin' with some of my friends at the mall, right. Well this one girl that abosolutley adores me made me wear a bunch of different hats and hipster glasses. We were walking down the hallway and I saw this place called The Underground Ayslum. Well If your like me your attracted to things with the word "Ayslum" in it. We went in to see a bunch of gothic and emo clothes, I was in heaven. The girl that adores me kept making me try on these hats. I have to admit.

It Was So Romantic When I Carried You to the ER.

This is going to be the name of a song me and my friend are working on. She's the singer. I'm that guy who writes most of the song and makes up the beat. I can't write music, haha, but I play the beat on the drums and people get it. If this song goes well maybe we'll write more songs and make them into music. Now if anybody gives a rats ass about this and actually reads the lyrics when they are finished, I would like you to give your most honest opinion. And If you don't like it. We'll probably won't collaborate for anymore songs.

The World Is Ugly... But Your Beautiful to Me.

Wow.... I can't belive I did it! I was talking to her today, I asked her when could I show affection without her ripping my "manhood" away from me. xD. But she said whenever you feel like it, I guess. So I said I'm going to suprise you. At annoucments after 11th period ( A panic attack, some crying, a lot of hugs and holding hands) She was talking to Kali, Gloria and Cullen. In my head I was like " Oh yeah, this is it dude." So I nonchalantly walked up and just stood there next to her for a minute. I said " Hey Caitlyn, Guess what?" and she said " What?" I yelled suprise and kissed her.

Oh... Yeah me too... Haha...

She told me she loved me today. Nononononononononononono! Not again! I loved a girl before. I got my heart crunched into a million peices twice, the day after valentines day. So you can see why I'm skeptical. I don't want what the other girl did to me to happen again. Fall in love. She decides it's over. LET THE SLITTING BEGIN! I used to cut, but I stopped when I met this girl. She cuts to. I'm trying to get her to stop. And the girl that I dated cut for two years without anybody knowing. I found out yesterday. I don't know what to say. I think I love her.