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i hate me

I awoke this morning after a disturbing dream. It made me realize that everyone seems to be so intrigued by my style and body at first, but apparently I can't keep anyone. Everyone shakes me off. So I've been in one of those moods all day where I cry when I drop something. So yeah. Just had to get this off my chest. People use me until they get bored. I'm a toy.

Life and Science

As growing and learning people, we test things. We learn from our mistakes... To learn, we test. Our hypothesis rarely ever is correct, but as long as we aren't hurt or horribly traumatized by the outcome, that's how we learn. Watching teen shows brought this up. Lol peace

Xavier Rae

I have a best friend, Xavier. Loved him for 3 years. His current ex cheated on him....... and he's really hurt. We chilled for comfort and there came a point that he said he wanted to kiss me. I really REALLY wanted to kiss him, but I thought about it... He was angry and upset and physically/ mentally tired... Xavier wouldn't really want to.... So I just smiled and said " You're tired man." He just laughed in agreement... I still am not a hundred percent sure if it was that....I love having a blog lol


Bliss. Two days of school left!! I am almost officially technically a senior :). Woo. A summer of possibilities, but sadly going to see MCR isn't one because my parents would never let me go to Jersey just to see my number one love. When I graduate, MCR better be touring or I will be PISSED! Lol.... fair winds droogs, until next blog.

MCRmy Forever

Hey Killjoys! :) I just wanted to say real quick, I will be part of the MCRmy forever. My hair may change, my clothes may alter, I may change, but my love for this band will never cease to exist. Gerard Arthur Way, Frank Anthony Iero, Michael James Way, and Raymond Toro will stay in my heart forever. Matthew, Bob, and Michael P will also stay in here but not as high. I may be extremely jealous but I wish luck to all the wives and to Cherry, Lily, and Bandit.

Fan Tour Report: Atlanta

There is no way to describe the performance at the Tabernacle with one word. It was amazing, mystifying, mesmerizing, magnificent, and holy shizz. It was the best day of my life. I screamed my heart out, to the point where it hurt when I breathed in, and just kept screaming. My Chemical Romance did rock the f*** out of us, as Gerard said they would. This was my first concert ever, and I had the best time ever. MCR finished, but the crowd didn't. We all chanted out "MCR! MCR! MCR! MCR!" until they came back out and played a few more songs.

Dream Come True :))

About 3 years ago my friends and I were playing Singstar Pop for the Playstation 2. In a medley of songs, a part from Helena came in and at the second, I fell in love with this amazing band. I have listened to My Chemical Romance since then. When the Danger Days album came out, I got a tattoo to symbolize my dedication to the MCRmy. I dream to see them live almost every night and tomorrow night, it's coming true!! I am SSOOOOOOO excited!! I cannot believe my first concert will be my absolute favorite band :DDDD.