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Yes. Me ever so creepy. cons: 1- hard as fuck to put on. 2- hot as fuck. Pros: 1- comfortable as fuck. 2- really easy to shit(or any ass related actions...) 3- awesome as fuck. :))

Dark thoughts in a happy state.

So I've been trying to write songs and they turn out quite dark.... this one I started thinking about my friend I like and his boyfriend. His boyfriend's nickname is Mr. Lion, so that explains when I say mane. Anyways, the caps are screaming, I know not all of it rhymes, but ftw. :) my song.

All my efforts lead to nothing.. I don't see why I try.
You could explore the world with me, you could rule the earth with me.
But you just stay with that cheating bitch.


You could take me as your prince, I would treat you like a prince.
But you let him treat you like a joke.

Xavier Rae's Birthday is in 3 Days: I couldn't wait :)

I've known Xavi for about 4 years... We became really good friends around 2 years ago. I love him with all of my heart. He is so amazing and I just want him to be as happy as he can be but he struggles with depression. :/ I love him so so so so much.

Crappily singing Disenchanted :)

I looove singing this song but I keep getting sharp and flat lol. Oh well! :D Enjoy. <3 You all are amazing. Love you for you.

My Youtube Channel and Singing House Of Wolves

I did get off key plenty of times but I was enjoying myself :) on xaviandyuki, there are plenty videos of new singing if you want to check it out :))

Newly found optimism. ( Let's make it stay )

This is my rough draft plan of what I'm gonna do for Halloween. :) It'll be much better when I actually have goods. By that I mean actual stage makeup and effects makeup and prosthetics, y' know? Anyways, I came to the easy realization that life is amazing. :) You can do anything you desire! I don't have to graduate early! I don't have to be a doctor!!!! I want to sing or act or put some sort of art into the world for others to get inspired and enjoy. :) You need to make YOU happy. Don't worry about what anyone says. If you aren't hurting yourself or others, go for it.

Thank You Killjoys :)

All of you are so great! :) Thank you. Sorry if I annoy you guys when I get to ranting. Thank you all for being individuals. I love you all. MCRMY FOR LIFE<3

Thank You Killjoys :)

All of you are so great! :) Thank you. Sorry if I annoy you guys when I get to ranting. Thank you all for being individuals. I love you all. MCRMY FOR LIFE<3


I don't understand the human mind.... lack of chemicals, over abundance of chemicals.... why can we think the way we do? Why can we feel the emotions we do? Why can we have the feeling of sadness and loneliness no matter what?? It just sucks. I wish I could just.... take away all feeling at all times... i wish i didn't ponder what life is and why we live. I don't know why.... no one does. All that is ever certain is that we suffer for years on end trying to please everyone else and barely survive through everything.

My 16th Birthday and Three Cheers' 8th Birthday

On my golden birthday (turning 8 on the 8th), Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge came out :)... yep. My dad tried to get mcr or even a call from gerard but he couldn't :/... why are they out of the country?!!