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So everyone knows, tomorrow 11 years ago was when Gerard decided to do his secret desire. :)) Look at us all now. I have no idea where I'd be today without MCR.

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Writing Songs

I've been writing songs lately and this one I started last night.

I'll pop pills if it gets me closer to your face
I'll pass out every night with this bottle in my embrace
The smell of liquor and failure will overbear anyone who nears
But at least they don't get close enough to see my tears

Fuck the party
I want the poison
But where's the fun
When ghouls come for me
I've gotta jet out
Like a star, shooting
Being a kobra lashing out
Or a bad kid, looting


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I Miss My Chemical Romance News!!

It's been forever since an actual update on MCR's doings. :) I like the layout though. It's the jam. :P
I want to hear more from G. He hasn't done blogs in FOREVER!! I miss hearing about cereal with marshmellows. I miss the coffee count :). I just want updates at least monthly. From each member. Just so we know how they are. How their families are. :) I want to see some pics of the Way and Iero kids. Bandit, Cherry, Lilly, Miles. They were all so adorable but I haven't seen anything in a while. It'd be nice to feel like we're all a big family again. I feel like ties start to break in between albums. Anyone else out here get me?

:) I'm listening to Summertime. It makes me feel like.... one day I'll break past all the barriers and be all me. I will sing and paint.... I will just be happy.

This blog was kinda everywhere but oh well :)

Stay ugly. Stay dirty. Stay dangerous. They'll never get us alive.

You can run away with me anytime you want<3

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It's Now or Never

MUSICIANS IN/ NEAR GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA, I NEED TO START A BAND. I can't stand how I feel. I know I can do it. I am going to make it. I NEED a band. I would like the makeup of MCR. Rhythm Guitarist, Lead Guitarist, Bass Guitar, Drums, Singer. I would be the singer. We would start with covers of probably MCR, Misfits, etc, etc. We would make original music eventually. Anybody here??? We can do this. School sucks, start a band.

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Warning: Depressing. Help?

The following is from a late night rant in my notes(diary). It's disturbing, do not be alarmed. I need advice. Any advice. Please don't be mean. This is straight from feelings and thoughts... It was going to be one of my songs but... well yeah.

I feel like I'm nothing.
I want to die.
Life is not worth living.
I want to die.
No one really loves me.
I want to die.
No one really needs me.
I deserve to die.
I don't help anyone.
I deserve to die.
I can't change anything.
I deserve to die.
I'll struggle until my death.
I'm going to die.
I'll always feel worthless.
I'm going to die.
I'll never amount to anything.
I'm going to die.

Just kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.

I'm pathetic. I need people who don't need me. They'd be better off without me. I just fuck them up. I'm a bad influence. I taint anything sacred. I'm stupid. I'm ugly. I'm useless. I'm worthless. I'm not strong enough to avoid my thoughts.

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Forever Ended

Forever has ended

You said you would love me forever
It seems forever's at its end
because you said you were a man of your word
And now we're not even friends

I don't understand how this can be
I gave everything in me
To make sure you would be happy
But now I can see

You must not have really loved
Just wanted sex and play
You didn't actually want me
That's really not okay

You said you'd love me forever
I don't think forever did end
I think you're a fucking liar
And this pain you will never mend

Because I won't forgive you this time
I can't get back everything I gave
I'll still love you forever
But forever stops here in my grave

*gunshot and music fucks up*

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Hey. I want to start a band. I'm a singer. I'm not great but oh well. Get in touch with me as soon as possible, I have a bassist. I need a lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, and a drummer. Genre. Do I really have to say? We'll start with covers and work into original music. LET'S DO THIS SHIT YOU AMAZING FUCKERS!!!!!!!!! I need to do shit. Get on over here lemons. :) Love you all.

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I'm telling you the truth, I mean it! I'm okay! Trust me!

I'm not okay. But okay at the same time.

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I'm in one of those moods again....

Hey guys. Okay so it's going to be a whiny blog. Warning.

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Cross- Dressing, Drag Queens, Pretty Boys, etc :)

How do you guys feel about men who enjoy cross-dressing? :) I do like to put on makeup and a girly outfit every know and then.... I used to dress up a lot more. Anyways... what do you think?