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Conventional Weapons

So far, brilliant. They are just beautiful. They give me that feeling of want. I want to do something with my life because of My Chemical Romance's music. I am going to die when part three comes out. I sob hysterically when listening to The World Is Ugly. I can't imagine it polished. I'm going to die. It's so beautiful I just... ugh.
I hope you all enjoy Conventional Weapons as much as I do.

Stay strong out there. Be careful, your thoughts can get to you sometimes. Put it into something that doesn't hurt you physically.

Things I hate.

Okay, I'm bored and distracted away from homework, so I'm going to say a couple of things I hate.
1) Sharing food/ beverages.
I just get disgusted when people touch my food and will rarely eat or drink after people, including family members. It's just gross. Don't put your lips on my coffee. Don't put your hands in my fries. Just don't, unless I trust you and offer it to you.

2) People who force out burps, laugh, and say they can't help it; especially when eating. Okay, you bitch, you FORCED it out. I saw you strain. Don't laugh. I don't want your breath or gas on my food.

Wonderful Dreams

So the other night I went to sleep listening to Boy Division and I had a great dream. I was backstage at an MCR concert and Gerard was singing his heart out in this song, like it was the last song he'd ever sing. When the song ended he just seemed... off. I went on the stage, ran up to him, and gave him the longest and deepest hug. Gee started crying in the hug. I say the dream is amazing because it made me realize he really does put his life into every song. So much sometimes that it kills him a little when letting loose in a song. I want to be like Gerard.

Moving for the 13th time

Hey Killjoys, looks like as soon as trial shit is over with my dad, I'm moving 10 minutes out of LA. 0-0.
First time leaving the east coast. I'm excited but nervous....
Excited: get to be immersed in the not super biased living that is in Georgia. Get to possibility run into celebrities. Might see TOBUSCUS. Get to see more shows and go to music things that aren't here. Conventions.
Nervous: My friends. I made so many- okay not really, just like 7 -friends that I will miss insanely... it kinda sucks. And I'm nervous about scholarships. HOPE applies to the state you graduated in, right?

Living For Conventional Weapons

My family is falling apart again. Tomorrow (October 8) is my mom and step dad's anniversary of 7 years. That's their marriage anniversary, but we've all been living together for 12 years.
The first time my family fell apart still haunts me, but it was because the constant screaming and fighting. Now, my step dad is in prison. And he might not get out.. The reason he was arrested we don't believe he did, but if he tells us he did do it, we can't stay with him. I'm trying to stay strong for my mom, brother, and sister but it's so hard.

Innocence doesn't exist

Okay so we all know that Gee would write on himself how he felt before shows. I started writing how I feel each day on my arm before school. Today I wrote "Ready"..... And just...... Wow. A lot of shit has happened today. It's crazy just what happened. And..... it was good being ready.

I don't wanna sound like a douche... but...

Am I the only one who thinks that Frank is the only one who actually still cares? I'm not trying to shit on any birthday cakes here, but honestly. Frank puts so much into the music. There is so much emotion that it hurts. I miss feeling the emotion in music. I miss feeling like the band really cares. It hurts to think that MCR seems to be weakening as the years go on. I need them... We need them. We need the family that gets us. I'm feeling like shit and I just want to hear that they will be here.


It was so much fun. :) We all danced to horrible music and took extremely inappropriate pictures. :))) Without my friends, I would be so gone. It's nice to have bros rubbing their dicks against my leg to shit that is considered music.... it would be better if the music was good, but hey. Might as well fling shit in their eyes. :) anyways, it's been good. Me and Xavier in the first picture then me, Eric, and Rachael. :)))


Yeah. That's all. :"|

Skylines and Turnstiles

Let's all remember why MCR is here. <3

Looking forward to more beautiful music about the strength of carrying on.

Stay dirty, and Stay dangerous you AMAZING Killjoys. <3 I love you all.