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Happy Birthday Gee!!

Happy Birthday, hope it was awesome!!!!! :)

Thank you MCR

Thank you fore everything, MCR. You have helped me so much. I'll miss you guys.

Happy Birthday Frank!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!!!!! and Happy Halloween everyone :)


This may seem little to people, but I deleted someones message and i feel really bad. But one of the rules of getting an account was that I couldn't talk to people I don't know. So if your the person that sent me a message I'm sorry!! And sorry if this is a stupid blog.....

Happy Birthday Mikey!


New Site

It looks awesome! This means a new era is coming!! :) Ahhh so excited!!!! :)

Congrats Gerard!

Congrats on being 8 years sober!

Does anyone know...?

So I ordered some MCR merch off of this website about a week ago, and I haven't gotten a notification email. Is that normal? Or should I email them? If someone could let me know I would really appreciate it :)


So I ordered some mcr merch form their online store about a week ago, and i haven't gotten a notification email. Is that normal? If someone could let me know I'd really appreciate it :)

Happy (late) Birthday Ray

I know it's really late but I didn't have an account at the time so I just wanted to wish Ray a happy belated Birthday :)