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People.....Freakin People

So.....I ask a guy to semi-formal yesterday and he said maybe. Yayyyy!
well then today came along and of course I had to look cute a pretty so I did, then after school was over, I had one of my friends ask him if he said yes or no. Well, I didn't tell a girl and then she finds out from a blabber mouth and goes to ask. WHAT THE FUCK! I am beyond mad at her. I didn't tell her for a reason and now she is mad at me because I am mad at her. I am done with this. these no good fucking people. and the worst part is the friend I had that went to ask him, SHE THREATENED HIM! Like completely flat out threatened him. I am beyond mad I want to cry and scream and cry myself to sleep and no one touch me for a hundred years. these fucking people. I AM SO DONE!

So long and good night.


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Happy Birthday Frank(:

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to one of the hottest guys on earth.

oh and Happy Halloween to everyone(:

Stay scary(:

Love you all.

Killjoys will never die(: