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MCRmy UK Fundraising

Thank you to the MCRmy UK for organizing a series of MCRmy meetups/ parties and raising money for the #SINGItForJapan project. A few hundred dedicated members in the UK have collected over two thousand pounds! Incredible work!

My Chemical Romance Nominated For Two EMAs
My Chem is nominated for two 2011 MTV EMAs in the categories for "Best Alternative" and "Best World Stage". Vote for MCR on the EMA website The EMAs will be broadcast live on Sunday November 6th at 9pm CET. Check your local listings for more info.
Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Denver
By. Kinsey September 4, 2011 was the best day of the year for all the Killjoys that were in Colorado at the time. We all gathered together under the sun, along with all the Rancid and Blink 182 fans. Butterflies fluttered around in my stomach and I could see the excitement dripping off of everyone's faces. I could tell it was going to be a good show. I got my tickets and stood in line with my little sister, who I decided to bring with me, and waited to be let in. As the line finally began to move, I stuck my photo pass to my shirt, knowing I would need it later. We got to our seats without much trouble and I decided that they weren't too bad. I noticed that most of the My Chemical Romance fans were in the back and wished they could join me. Anticipation was written on every single person's face. Read the rest of the entry here
Live Photos of My Chem On Honda Civic Tour
Check out the new live photos of My Chem from their current stint on the Honda Civic Tour. Detroit, MI St. Paul, MN Kansas City, MO
Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Salt Lake City
I remember my first My Chemical Romance concert. It wasn't too long ago actually, just last April (so technically it would be pretty hard to forget). I was stuck at the back of the crowd. But despite being so far away from the stage I thought I was right up next to it since they perform with so much energy and connect with every single member of the audience. The guys of My Chemical Romance have such an amazing stage presence that can fill small clubs -like where I saw them last- and huge amphitheatres like Usana, where they performed this Saturday. It was intresting to see the diffrence between the audiences that Blink-182, Rancid, and My Chemical Romance brought in. Rancid seemed to have an older punk fans, while MCR's audience consisted of mostly teenagers and young adults, and Blink fans fell somewhere in the middle. Rancid was an excellent opening for Blink and MCR. They had everyone in the audience tapping their feet and bobbing their heads. After Rancid it was MCR's turn to take the stage. The set-up didn't take too long and the stage was ready in about 10 minutes.Suddenly, film reel began to show on the giant screen above the stage, and the crowd went wild, and when the band took the stage, the crowd screamed even louder. The band opened with "Na Na Na" which they played with tons of energy and vigor, and they kept up the energy throughout the entire night. Ray and Frank ripped though solo after solo. Mikey was confident and steady on the bass, and Gerard powered through every song with nearly flawless vocals. Read the rest of the entry here
Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Vancouver
By. Arabella As soon as I arrived at the arena in Vancouver, there were tons of My Chemical Romance fans all around. There were fans all over the street, getting off the near-by train station, everywhere. Though there was still an hour and a half to go before the show even started, fans were lining up and getting pumped to see the performance. I’ve never seen so many people in MCR shirts in my entire life. So many, that the number of My Chemical Romance fans seemed to almost be equal to the number of Blink182 fans. Standing in line myself waiting to get my tickets I overheard a number of people say they came from the US and had to travel quite a distance to get there. Others also said they came from other parts of Canada. My Chemical Romance fans always manage to surprise me at just how far they’ll go for the band and how dedicated they are. Read the rest of the entry here
Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Chicago
Alrighty. Where do I begin? So much has happened in the last day. My voice is gone, my arms and legs are sore, and I have a brand new camera with 350 pictures of the best night of my life on it. We got there pretty early, around 5. There was a moderately long line of cars waiting for the parking gates to open when we arrived. I sat on top of my car for a few minutes before the line slowly started moving forward and we pulled into the gates. By that point the adventure had begun, and I was super excited. We got in and there was a bit of trouble trying to get in. We were confused about how the photo pass worked, and nobody else really got it either. But eventually we got in and everything was good. Manchester Orchestra was the first to perform. I couldn't hear they're songs that good cause I was standing next to an amp that was as tall as I was and my eardrums were being pounded on. After they finished playing, it was a 15 minute break to switch around the drums and bring out the fancy MCR amps and Mikey's helmet and all that jazz. When My Chem came out, I was screaming my head off Read the rest of the entry here
Tour Blogger: Milwaukee

By. Chris R.

2:55 AM. No better time to sit down and empty some thoughts onto a piece of paper.

When I woke up on the morning of August 23rd, 2011, I had no idea of what my evening would be like. I knew that I had won 2 tickets and a photo pass for my friend Liz and I to see My Chemical Romance at the Marcus Ampitheater in Milwaukee, but as excited as I was for this event, I still had some nervous thoughts looming in my mind: "Will I find my tickets and my seats alright?" "Will her and I get separated?" "Will the photo pass work and flow smoothly?" Well, what unfolded was a memorable night filled with many good times and irreplicaple moments.

We got to the box office an hour before the doors opened and we got our tickets, no problem. There were tons of Blink 182 fans gathered near the doors. But for what the MCR fans lacked in numbers, they made up for in spirit. Killjoys gathered around slowly but surely, standing out with many original and colorful outfits. Before we knew it, we were in - and ready to rock.

Now here's where things got really interesting: Manchester Orchestra had just finished their set, and I was very excited to take my place up by the photo pit to digitally capture my four heroes. But venue security would not buy my fully certified authorization to the pit and were dead set on keeping me out of it. I made a few phone calls, dropped a few names - but they wouldnt budge. I made my way back to my seats, bummed that this opportunity was being taken from me. But nonetheless, I was fortunate to be here and eagerly awaited MCR's set.

After a BL/ind spokespeson gave the countdown, MCR rip, roared and rolled through "Na Na Na" and then went right to "Vampire Money". All of a sudden, one of MCR's tour managers motioned for me to come to the security gates. I was finally going to get my chance at this once in a lifetime opportunity! ...but there was one stipulation: I could only take pictures for the rest of the song, and it was already a minute in. I had to work fast. I hurried to the front and started snapping away at the boys. Their high energy flailing around combined with my excitement did not make capturing photos of them easy, but I think I did a good job. Three times in the 2 minutes I was up there, security guards tugged at me, pulled me away, and tried to bust me - thinking I jumped the rail or something. But the sticker on my chest and the onlooking manager gave them their answer: This was my moment. This was my time. And I can honestly say that when it was just me and the band for that minute and a half/two minutes, my favorite MCR song blasting in my face without any interruptions - that was THE best moment of my life. Not everyone can say that they get to stand within 3 feet of their heroes. And if it meant me having to deal with some turbulence to get to that place, it was a miniscule price to pay compared to the photos I received in return.

Read the rest of the entry

My Chemical Romance To Play The 2011 Voodoo Experience
My Chemical Romance will be performing at the 2011 Voodoo Experience in New Orleans, LA on Friday, October 28. Tickets are on sale now.
Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury
Today marks the 65th birthday of Freddie Mercury from the band Queen. Check out the special tribute message from Gerard and band as well as other artists on YouTube.