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Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Virginia Beach

by. Emma

Have you ever noticed how crazy life can get? One day you hear an amazing song by an amazing band for the first time, then two years from that exact day, you're in the photo pit taking pictures of that same band performing that same song. can get pretty insane.

Soon after my friend Marlena and I arrived at Farms Bureau in Virginia Beach, I began to take pictures like I was paparazzi. Of course the place was overflowing with teens in Blink 182 t-shirts. Still, every now and then, a burst of ferocious colors would catch my eye. My heart would skip a beat, knowing this ensured a killjoy was nearby. Although, in spite of the differences, a smile was plastered on everyone's faces as if permanent.

When I finally knew the deal about access to the photo pit and when to come and go, I was able to sit down and let the butterflies in my stomach rest. Anxiety blazed in my eyes while enchanment boiled under my skin...itching in my palm where I clutched my inadequate camera. Once Matt & Kim were finished, I was to rush to the edge of the photo pit and relax with the other photographers. We would wait there until ordered to do otherwise. For now though, my job was to enjoy the lovely duo Matt & Kim. This, of course, was immensely simple due to the band's impeccable talent and energy. The two did a splendid job of raising the crowd's enthusiasm. After their farewell, I knew it was time for them. My Chemical Romance.

I hurried on over to my arranged meeting spot and settled with the other professionial photographers. We all huddled together to shield ourselves from the rain. Afterwards, we were given the signal to take refuge in the pit. While waiting for the band, my nerves were taking over and I started to tremble. This can't be happening, this can't be happening continually repeated in my mind. All of a sudden, the lights went off.

Screams rang in my ears and my heartbeat echoed in my head. I waited painfully for the band to step out after the BL/ind agent. A countdown began. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2...

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Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Albuquerque, New Mexico
By. Taylor September 29, 2011. Four months to the day since my very first My Chemical Romance concert and this time, my dreams of photographing them during concert were coming true. The atmosphere of the Honda Civic Tour show and the concert I attended in May of 2011 were very different things, and I'm glad I got to experience both. Arriving at The Pavilion in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I honestly did not see a vast number of kids who looked to be big MCR fans. However, the ones I did see were dedicated beyond belief. I saw multiple fans dressed as Killjoys and many more than that wearing shirts and jackets from other MCR tours. Unfortunately, due to the timely process of receiving my press pass and having it confirmed, I was unable to take pictures of any of these awesome fans. After I received clearance for my press pass, we were brought into the venue by the media director who was so helpful in showing us around the venue since we had never been there before and also giving me direction for what to do when it came down to go into the photo pit. When the media director left us at our seats, we were very eager for the show to start. I had heard many good things about Matt & Kim, and I was very excited to see them live. They did not disappoint me, they were very talented and I enjoyed their set a lot. I don't know, though, if they were exactly fitting for the audience of My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 fans, so there were times during their performance when crowd enthusiasm was at low. Towards the end of Matt & Kim's set I started to get butterflies as I knew it would soon be time to travel to the photo pit and photograph my favorite band while they performed, something that had been on my bucket list for years. When Matt & Kim finished playing I made my way to pick up my camera and then followed my escort to the entrance of the photo pit. It was about to happen, and I was beyond nervous. Read the rest of the entry here
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Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Houston
by. Emily We were all satisfied with My Chemical Romance’s presentation… I’ve said that a lot, My Chem gives great shows like this and others. Before the doors opened, there were many people outside. I wasn’t formed in the line, because I was waiting by the box office for my photo pass and tickets. I thought, I was going to be nervous, but I was really relaxed. Once all were inside the place, they were buying merchandise of the bands. I wanted to buy a t-shirt but the line was too long, so I decided to start taking pictures.
MCR Nominated for “Best Headline Performance”. Vote Now!
My Chemical Romance is nominated for “Best Headline Performance” in the UK Festival Awards 2011. Voting closes October 10th. Vote for My Chemical Romance now.
My Chemical Romance To Play Big Day Out
My Chem will be playing the Big Day Out Festival in Australia! Tickets for the festival will go onsale starting October 12th here.
Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Cleveland, OH
By Molly Our car could have been fueled completely by excitement and anxiousness as my little sister and I arrived at Blossom Music Center. We had been anticipating this concert for only four shorts days after having found at that we had won the tickets, but the wait seemed to have lasted more than a lifetime. We soon discovered that we were not alone in this feeling; ecstatic concert-goers began to pour in through the gates, shouting, skipping, dancing, and all but mowing over each other in order to be within view of the stage a few precious seconds sooner. I skulked about the entrance gate in order to meet fellow Killyjoys and and take their photos. A few people even recognized me from Buzznet! The concert son began, and it was all everybody could do to stay in his or her seat. The lights were killed, and the notorious female representative of Better Living Industries appeared on a large screen. It was impossible to hear what she had to say over the screaming of excited fans (not to mention that she spoke in Japanese)! The band opened with--you guessed it--NaNaNa. Gerard would not stay in one place for more than a second, and Frank seemed more than pleased to climb off of the stage and onto an amp as he stared out into the audience. Mikey and Ray stood faithfully in their spots as Frank hurried back to his microphone to provide backup vocals along with Ray. Read the rest of the entry here
Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Atlanta
By. Brandi There are few times in my life that I have been to a concert. I can count on 2 hands the number of live musical acts I have bought tickets to see. Five of those fingers would be My Chemical Romance shows. From the first riff of “I’m Not Okay” to the last note of “Vampire Money” and all the discoveries of other songs in between, absolutely no music or lyrics have ever reached me, such as theirs. It has been said time and time again, but it is as if the lyrics of each song reached right into my soul and exposed my insides. Whether it’s the emotion poured into every guitar strum, bass pluck or word sang… this band has a hold on people that just won’t let go. Some fans from back in the day say it’s the antics on stage, but how can that be? When My Chemical Romance took the stage, as Freddie Mercury once said in a song, “It’s a kind of magic." And that was nothing further from the truth tonight. An army of fans they have created. Regardless the waiting time, regardless the weather, the fans are always there…dressed in the colors that represent their undying devotion to a band whose music means so much to them. As I walked down the line of fans that waited to get in, there was a buzz in the air. They were moments away from experiencing the time of their lives. For one girl it was the first time she had gotten to ever see MCR live and the anticipation was overwhelming for her! The smiles on faces after waiting for hours were still there. No one could dampen the spirits of these Killjoys. Read the rest of the entry here
My Chemical Romance's EMA Nominations
My Chem is nominated for two 2011 MTV EMAs in the categories for "Best Alternative" and "Best World Stage". Vote for MCR on the EMA website
New MCR "CHEM" Hoodie Available In The Online Store
The "CHEM" hoodie, as seen on MCR's current tour, is available now in the official online store.