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My Chemical Romance on Live Lounge With Fearne Cotton
My Chemical Romance will be on Live Lounge With Fearne Cotton this Thursday between 10am and 12:45pm. The band will be performing their new UK and Ireland single Planetary (GO!) along with a cover. Tune in to BBC Radio 1.
Planetary (GO!) Out Now in the UK!
‘Planetary Go!’, the brand new single from MCR, is out now and available to buy on iTunes UK. The exclusive iTunes 3-track EP includes 2 remixes from Vasquez/Gorman and Gallows’ Lags. Tracklist: 1. Planetary Go! 2. Planetary Go! (Lags Gallows Remix) 3. Planetary Go! (Vasquez/Gorman Remix) Buy on iTunes now!
Today MCR will release four individual band jackets with styles based on the world of Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys and as seen in the videos for their singles “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” and “Sing.” The jackets will range in price from $89.99 to $99.99 and will be sold exclusively at For more details on each individual jacket click below: Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero) Jet Star (Ray Toro) Party Poison (Gerard Way) Kobra Kid (Mikey Way)
SING Live Acoustic At 98.7 FM
Check out MCR’s 98.7 FM exclusive acoustic performance of SING.
Gerard On Duran Duran’s Unstaged Concert
Gerard is a special guest on Duran Duran’s Unstaged concert that David Lynch directed. The show airs on Vevo tonight at 7pm PT.
Exclusive MCR Interview On
Check out the new My Chemical Romance interview with featuring footage from the recently wrapped UK tour! The band discusses the evolution from The Black Parade to Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Watch the interview Launched!
We are excited to announce that has launched! Here you will find the Official MCRmy message board, a place where you can register your branch of the MCRmy, a place to report your work, and a more. Meet your fellow members, sign up for the MCRmy email list, request MCRmy materials, and help spread the word about My Chem. Have fun, and welcome home! -The General

MCR To Headlining the Reading and Leeds Festivals!
Heads up! MCR will be headlining BOTH the Reading Festival on August 26 and Leeds Festival on August 27!! Tickets go onsale today at 7:15pm. For more tour information, check out the Tour Page.
Planetary (GO!) Music Video Out Now
Watch My Chemical Romance’s official video for Planetary (GO!) now on the My Chemical Romance Facebook Page! The Planetary (GO!) single will be available on iTunes March 27th in the UK and Ireland. Tracklist: 1. Planetary (GO!) (Album Version) 2. Planetary (GO!) (Lags Gallows Remix) 3. Planetary (GO!) (Vasquez/ Gorman Remix)
MCR on MTV Winter 2011

MCR’s recent performance in Valencia, Spain will broadcast on MTV Spain’s Winter Special on March 19 at 8pm.

If you live outside of Spain, the performance will air as part of MTV World Stage on April 15. Please check your local listings for more information.