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MCRmy Nominated for the O Music Awards
We are proud to announce that you, the MCRmy has been nominated for the O Music Awards in the category of “Fan Army FTW”! Vote for MCRmy on Let's win this!
Fan Report: Denver
By. Joshua M. For months I had been waiting for the concert. It seemed like every day was longer than the one before it. Walking down the line of fans was like nothing I have ever experienced before! Chalk drawings decorated the sidewalk with pictures and lyrics. It had never even occurred to me to bring sidewalk chalk, but it was a creative idea! The sidewalk symbolized a large painting of all the adventures and stories of the band. People passing by took several glances at the carefully drawn artwork, and were often careful to step around it. Read the rest of the entry The meet/greet
Fan Tour Report: Salt Lake City
April 8, 2011: A Fabulous Killjoy’s Best Day Ever By Melissa B. For My Chemical Romance it was Queen, The Misfits, Iron Maiden, Morrissey, The Smiths and many others that inspired and influenced them; but for me, it is My Chemical Romance that inspires and influences my life, as for many other devoted fans from Salt Lake City, Utah to Tokyo, Japan. And on April 8, 2011 in Salt Lake City, the dedication and endless love was shown by the mass crowd of fans that waited outside the doors of the venue with the experience of wind, rain, snow, and eventually some sun that tapped upon our shivering bodies. Nevertheless, the weather did not stop us from attending the concert, and participating in complete World Contamination. Read the rest of the review here
MCR In- Store Signing At Vertigo Music
My Chemical Romance will be doing an in- store signing at Vertigo Music in Grand Rapids, MI on Saturday, April 16 at 4:30pm to commemorate Record Store Day. The signing is limited to the first 100 customers who purchase the 7” single (or like MCR products) when the store opens at 11 A.M. on 4/16/11. The first 100 customers who purchase the 7” will receive a (numbered wristband) which will act as a pass to the signing at 4:30pm. The (wristband) guarantees 1 copy of the 7” (or like MCR products) will be signed by the band. No photos.
“Summertime” Acoustic At 98.7FM
Check out the final instalment of MCR’s 98.7 FM’s acoustic session featuring “Summertime”. Watch now.
Live Photos of MCR on
Check out the live photos of My Chemical Romance shot at the Seattle show by
MCR Named One of’s Best Spring Tours
My Chemical Romance is featured on as one of the best Spring Tours. Get a preview of what to expect on
MCR Interview With KISS FM Seattle
Ray and Mikey talk about the impact of “SING” and the current US tour. Watch the interview on KISS FM’s website.
Watch Part 5 of 987 FM’ Acoustic Session With MCR

Part 5 of My Chemical Romance’s Acoustic session featuring “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” is online now. Watch on 98.7 FM’s website.

Fan Tour Report: Seattle

By. Hayley S.

When the Black Parade swept the globe, I was fortunate enough to attend four My Chemical Romance gigs. I saw them in packed arenas, theaters, amphitheaters, and high-profile festivals. However, I considered it a dream of mine to see them play in a small, more intimate venue such as the Showbox Sodo in Seattle. The venue is dark and stuffy and reeks of cigarette smoke and body odor, and it serves as the perfect setting for Killjoy contamination. The crowd was a sea of neon, its energy and adoration a weapon of mass hope and happiness. But of course, none shined brighter than the band. Each of them were smiling when they took the stage and appropriately began their set with "Na Na Na", sending the crowd into a ridiculous hour and a half-long fit of dancing, fist pumping, crying, and singing it for the world.

Read the rest of the review here