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“SING” Live From BBC 1’s Big Weekend
Watch the live video of My Chemical Romance performing “SING” at BBC 1’s Big Weekend. Check out the live photo gallery on the BBC website.
Danger Days Is An Amazon US Daily Deal
My Chemical Romance’s latest album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys is an US daily deal.
Fan Tour Report: Philadelphia
By. Emily O. Seven years ago I found my best friend after we bonded over My Chemical Romance’s music. We promised that, someday, we’d go see one of their concerts together, but there was one minor problem: I lived in New Jersey and she lived in Mexico. Over the years we put that idea on the backburner, until one afternoon when I got an email offering me the position of “Road Reporter” for the Philadelphia show of the World Contamination Tour. Adriana was the first person I told, and by the next day she had booked a flight to the United States so she could join me as my guest and she could see her first MCR concert in order to finally make our dream come true. Read the rest of the review here
Fan Report: Boston
This was my first My Chemical Romance show and it couldn’t have gone better. It was at the House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts. Even though I had gotten there hours early, there were already lines of fans dressed up in everything from Revenge merch, to homemade killjoy outfits. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as we eagerly waited until we could go in. Read the rest of the review here
MCR Reaches 6 Million Likes
Today, My Chemical Romance hit a big milestone- 6 million “likes” on Facebook! Thank you to everyone for making this possible.
Radio 1 rock show host Daniel Carter added guitars to his remix of My Chemical Romance’s “Planetary (GO!)”. Listen to the remix on Soundcloud now.
MCR At Orange Warsaw Festival
My Chemical Romance has announced a new show At the Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland on June 17th. Tickets for the show are on sale now. For more tour dates visit the Tour Page.
MCR Nominated For 5 Kerrang Awards!
My Chemical Romance is nominated for 5 Kerrang awards in the categories of "Best Album," "Best International Band," "Best Video" for Na Na Na, "Best Live" and "Best Single" for Planetary (GO!). Vote for MCR on the Kerrang website now!
Fan Feature: My Chemical Romance Fan Promo
Check out the fan made promo video introducing My Chemical Romance created by RosaLiu.
Have you created any MCR related videos? Share them by posting links in the comments area below.
MCR Baby Onesies Available Now

Official MCR baby onesies are available starting today in the MCR store. Check out both versions of the "3,2,1 We Came to Fuss" onesies now.