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new album???!!

Hello fellow killjoys!! whats all the stuff going around facebook saying a new album will be released in january? i know about conventional weapons but is this true and do u guys know anything about another album? :D <3, rock on :D

Deadmau5 and geeee

i love the video and song :D freaking awesome mix of gerard way and deadmau5. what do my fellow killjoys think? :)

rock on <3


i feel that im a freaking sponge that takes up too many emotions around me and makes them my own. i hate carrying other feeings on top of my own. its too much sometime and its hard to just let other peoples emotions not matter, because thats just not how life works....which isnt bad, i just hate botteling up soo many emotions within myself :(

MCR <3

Sometimes I wonder where I would be without mcr. They're lyrics are so empowering to me and get me through days that would be unbearable without. If i ever feel alone mcr makes me feel a part of the mcrmy, the most awesome fans ever. can't wait to hear more about their upcoming album :) love you all and hope life is treating you well,
rock on <3,

College thinking is overwhelming


past posts?

is there a way to see past posts that all the lovely mcrmy soldiers post? i only see the one page under zone 6...and can't go back to see previous blogz :P

Rock on,
mcr 96

This is a pic of awesome Gerard :) i just felt like posting....

black hair again :)))

Brand new

a really awesome and beautiful band i have fallen in love with <3 anyone else know them?
rock on <3!,


i rly wish i had somewhere to be on halloween. halloween just isn't the same childs fantasty it used to be. Trick or treating isn't tempting, wish i had friends to hang out with or something. tell me about ur halloween my fellow killjoys? what do u to keep the energy and fun going?

gerard died his hairrr :)

what do u guys think? :D XD