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Day 2 30 day challenge

My favorite album is probably three cheers, second, the black parade and third bullets. :)

continuation :)
twilight spoof!!

I meant kylemonkey oops...

kylemokey :)

This is a really funny random video i found on you tube!!:)

mcr 30 day challenge day 1 :)

I would have to say the black parade

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

Happy Father's Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!! Happy Father's Day Gerard!!!!!!!!!


Does anyone know any really funny jokes? I love learning new jokes, so if you have any jokes comment please:)
Rock on mcrmy!

favorite movies

hi MCRmy :) I was wondering what your favorite movie of all time is? Rock on!!!

HI Mcrmy <3

Hi mcrmy! I just joined yesterday! I have really enjoyed reading all of your stories and commenting so far. To tell you alittle about myself; I just graduated 8th grade and had my 14th b day! I have been an mcr fan since 09, which I know is not that long but I truly love their music and everything about them!!:) I do not have that many friends on this site so far, so if anyone wants to add me I am a really cool person to chat with. You guys are amazing and I love your stories:) Rock on mcrmy <3