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The art of missing

Dear Mcrmy,

I know this is kind of a down thing to ask but what do you do when you miss someone you can't talk to? It would mean a lot if you can share any advice.

Rock on,
<3 mcr96

My Anthem :)

Rock on <3

Brand New

Rock on <3

Fantastic Scary Short :)

rock on <3

Shadows :)

If anyone is having a hard night I hope this silly video I made in video and film cheers you up :)

Rock on <3


this song makes everything better
Rock on <3!

a little advice?:)

Hey mcrmy,

When you lose someone you used to care about do you have suggestion on how to start again? I don't know if that really makes sense haha Anyways I've always been impressed on how kind people are on this site and was wondering if anyone had advice for moving on from an old friendship? This is kind of a down blog post but thanks for reading and let me know if you have things that have helped you personally. I hope anyone who reads this is doing well xo

Rock on <3

Fragile <3

Sting's music is so beautiful xo

Rock on <3 Mcrmy!

Favorite Songs? :)

Is there one song that always makes you smile no matter what?
Looking for new music from people with the best taste :)

Rock on <3

amazing cover