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Vote for MCR!!

Come on guys vote for the band that we all hate to see split up! We can still show that we support this band while they're still in the musical march madness!


I cant believe the day has come that mcr is no more.. I thought I'd be a lot older.. this is just so out of no where... MCR had such an impact on me. They made me like myself and eventually love myself. It was because of them that I realized that I don't have to be what others want me to be. I am in complete shock. I thught they were working on MCR5. Aside from the sadness, I am so greatful for this band. The night I saw them was amazing, I only wish I could have seen them one more time..

Thank you my chemical romance for giving all of us fucked up killjoys the music to drown our sorrows in,

Spanish help?

for those who speak Spanish, know Spanish well or are in a high level Spanish class: Please help!! I have to write an essay on skiing in Chile and I'm kinda stuck on how to write these sentences in Spanish.

I need to translate this into a coherent sentence with relatively basic Spanish:

The most popular ski resorts are in Portillo, Valle Nevado, and Termas de Chillán. Portillo is for all kinds of skiers from Beginner to Advanced. Portillo lies at the bottom of the highest peak outside of the Himalayan Range, Mount Aconcagua.

Speech went well :)

Sooo I got my speech back! Only got two points off because of lack of eye contact! Thank you to those who provided their quotes/stories :)

quotes :)

I'm writing a speech for my english class on why MCR is a great band and I could really use some quotes from other fans! So if you could message me/comment what MCR means to you or how they have had an influence on your life, that would be great! And sorry if you've already seen this, I just need lots of quotes!

Thank you Killjoys :)

need some quotes

I am giving a speech this upcoming week on why people should listen to MCR/how MCR changes/saves/inspires and if you guys could tell me your thoughts on MCR that'd be great! Preferably their influence on you!


I have a new message but it won't let me read it D: I click on the message alert and goes to my messages but all it says is array >.<

speech *sigh*

I have to write a speech for my AP lang and comp class and I have no idea what to write it about. I'm in between why people should listen to MCR and why I am the chosen one. Any other awesome suggestions???


I have to read an autobiography or memoir by november for my AP lang and comp class. There aren't really any restrictions, but I'm having trouble thinking of any. Any suggestions for some interesting/not boring ones?

no! D:<

I was about to look something up and totally forgot what it was... it was important... >.<