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I have decided to start wriitng a story again. Not sure what I want my plot to be, so tonight I'm going to sit down, and think of a few possibilities, then I'll have acouple friends read them and tell me which they think is the best. :) Then I'll do a detailed outline, (I hate doing outlines, I'd rather just wing it) so that everything is organized in fornt of me. Hopefully it'll turn out pretty good once I get started. lol.

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Ice cream

I love ice cream. It's jsut so amazing. :D It was the best part about my dinner today. :) Yummy chocolate ice cream cone! XD!
Anyone know why Facebook isn't working right now? :( Lol.

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Going to dinner with jamie in a minute. Hoping it's good today. lol. Also just updated my I-Pod. :)

How is everyone's day going? :)

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*In need of sleep*

I need more sleep. After my Math class, that is exactly what I am going to get, more sleep. :) I just have to stay awake for another hour and a half, then I can collapse onto my bed, and take anice long nap. Then after my nap, it study time. I have a test in Sociology to prepare for. :) *Fingers crossed* really hope I do well on it. Oh yeah, I also find out how I did on my last Math test today.

Is everyone elses morning going well thus far? :P

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Going to set my clock, brush my hair and teeth, then I might lay down and go to bed. I have an early class tomorrow. :) I also have a Sociology test tomorrow. Looking forward to that. Lol. Then to revise my English 102 letter to MCR assignment. lmao. Most interesting paper I've ever had to write for a grade. :)

One of the boys in my class gave me the name of a really cool band to listen to, he wasn't lying, they really are good. :) *Envy on the Coast* They're interesting. :P

Well goodnight everyone, have a lovely night. Dream sweet dreams tonight. :)


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Getting ready to study for my Sociology test. :)
Still watching Sex and the City.
I'm uploading these silly pictures that Cassieandra and I took onto my facebook account. :)

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* :)

Watching Sex and the City. :) Getting ready to go take a shower. :) I feel very happy right now! :) Lol. :) Cassieandra's friend went into labor today. Never met the girl, but I wish her good luck, I hope her baby girl is healthy. :) (:

Okay, homework time, then it's shower time. :)

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Lunch time! :)

Getting ready to go to lunch with my roomie. :) (: Then back here to talk to people. I've been watching Sex and the City all day again. :)

How's everyone elses day going?

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Listening to music, getting ready to finish the last paragraph of my English 102 essay. :) I'm listening to *A Little Piece of Heaven* By Avenged Sevenfold. I shall now have this song stuck in my head all day. :) (: Oh well, it's a good song to hum in my classes. :)
I am so happy right now, my two and ahalf hour art history class was canceled for today. :) Which means my classes are over at 1:50 today. :) (: Then it's maybe nap time. lmao. I seriously need to start going to bed earlier. :P

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O.o Weird...

A guy just asked me out and I said no that we could be friends only, casue I didn't know him well enough to date him...he somehow translated that as meaning that I would date him...not sure how to expalin this to him...How did this happen? I clearly told him no, friends only. Now he thinks we're dating...kind of awkward.
This ever happened to anyone else on here?
Anyone got any advice on how I can explain this to him? I've never been in this situation before.