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All I Want

Christmas is coming soon. Since I sing a lot about how I am feeling. All I want is a guitar. So I can play and sing. I think it will help me express myself. I also really want to be a musican. I don't care how long to get great. But I really want to learn. That is all I want for Christmas this year. I need to speak my heart out. Since music is my life. This sould help me through all the sadness I go through. MCR is helping me with their awesome and amazing music. I think it is time for me to express myself with music. What do think killjoys? Should I get a guitar, follow my dreams and express myself? I really hope I get one.

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Going through a Hard Time

I hate the town I live in. No understands me. People think Im goth. The town is too small for me. Also most people dont know about MCR. Honestly I am never okay anymore! It sucks!!!! I just wanted to run away from here. I freaking tried of this small town. My family and friends are trying to help me. While I am depressed, misunderstood and always feeling lonely. Music is my only real friend. MCR helps me get through days when it hard. They help when I feel like I should die. They are giving me hope. Something to live for. I am a KillJoy and Proud! MCR thanks for helping me through the tough time Im going through.