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On December 26th (before if you can't make it) we, as an army, will all watch Na Na Na in honor of the greatest band ever’s glory. Let's give them the best present ever: the highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let's give them what they deserve for saving and changing lives! Copy and paste to all My Chemical Romance videos and pages and let's this get this noticed quickly! Do it loud and do it proud! Killjoys, MAKE SOME NOISE!!! :D

Spread the word! Let's do this for our heroes! <3

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Relaxed but Sad

Today I at school I felt out of place. Even around my friends. So after I was done eating I pluged myself in the world of music. I must of look like a loner but I don't care. Then later I went home. I went into my room,turn my lights off and listen to music. I was relaxed but sad. I just listened and thinked a little bit. I almost went to sleep. I really just want to be alone. Also while I was thinking. I didn't want to die. I just wanted to disappear. If I could it be painless , bloodness and my family wouldn't be affected by it. But that wont happen. I really want to disappear not die. Right now I'm just relaxed but sad. It seems music is my only real friend that will be with me forever.

Later Killjoys I am trying to stay strong. Thanks guys you keep me strong.

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Been Feeling Down

I been feeling very lonely. I feel like I don't fit in with my friends. That we are pulling away from each other. But I am not sure. I don't laugh with them and I am just standing there being awkward. They having more exciting stuff going on and I am just a bore to them I think. They don't ask me to hand out or text me. Nothing like that at all. I am not sure. I just feel like what am i doing here, with these people and are they really my friends. But it not bad that I am lonely I like it (sometimes but then there is music). I am becoming more of a loner. I barely go out. Seems right now music is my only friend right now and it is all I need. My family I been putting on smile but not a real one. Sometimes i put on the smile sometimes I don't at all. It it hard to pretend that ur happy when everything is not okay. Everyone does it. I just want to diappear. Never come back to this stupid small town. Make music and try to be happy. I in a dark place and I see no light.

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I have this friend. We been friends for 7 or 8 years. She thinks were bffs but we are not. I can tell we are not as close as we used to be. She has became more popular and she wants everyone to like her. Also sometimes she is just a bitch. Also we don"t have that much in commin with her any more. She like one direction pop music and country. I really dont like country and one direction is okay. She also says that MCR is creepy. Are friendship is on the line. I don't know what to do. I want to be friends still I think? I am not sure. I dont feel myself when I am around her. I feel like we are not friends anymore. But I am not sure. What do u think killjoys friend or enemy?

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Add ur Killjoy name and reblog

you know the drill. add your name and reblog.

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Ghost Liquid
Lady Madness
Kolorful Cascade
50. Electro Bullet
Blast KIss
Adrenaline Raygun
Huggy Beardoll The Deadly Butterfly
Morning Glory
Super Cyanide

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Coming Home

My dad is coming for Xmas. He hasn't really seen me as a depressed or getting angry all of the sudden. I always been a daddys little girl. But I dont want to pertend to be happy. I do that enough a school and with my friends. I love my dad but I dont know how he will react to me acting like this. I dont want my dad to see me different. Yes I have changed but I dont want him to treat me different. I dont know how he will react. He coming home in 3 days. I so confused. I know my mom is worried about me and my sister is too. But with my dad and also my sister who is in college doesn't see like this. My whole family needs to know that I am feeling this way right. They do have the right to know. Should I just tell my older sister and my dad. Killjoys I need help. What should I do???

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Fitting In

when I was little I wanted to fit in and be popular. Now that doesn't matter to me. I don't care what people think of me. Now it seems everyone wants thats. Most girls hate how they look. While I think I am pretty but not beautiful. I at least I think I am pretty. I really don;t complain about my looks that much. Why do care if they fit in. It is better to invisable in high school. Then trying to be notice. It seems stupid. I guess I will never undestand why people what to fit in. But still I don't get it! Later Killjoys

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My favorite Christmas song

I love this song for the holidays and I also love Xmas Sux! But this is also great. Other song about Christmas are about the season or santa. This song by All Time Low is awesome cause it not about that stuff really. I hope you like it. I have this song in my head.

Merry Christmas Killjoys

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Here is a poem I wrote called Misunderstood


I feel different from everyone Else

I feel like I don't belong anywhere

I can't talk to anyone

Because theres no one who understands

No one understands the darkness that's in me

The darkness that lurks in my soul

My parents try to talk to me but they don't understand

The kids at my school they just think me as a freak

My friends see me different now

I see myself as Misunderstood

I feel like no one will understand

Because no one gets me

Or they just don't listen

I am misunderstood

I hope you liked my poem I wrote

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I just heard Zero Zero and Xmas Sux OMFG I AM IN LOVE!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL
FEEELS FEELS FANGIRLING!! I can't enough! I love it! I can listen to this all day.