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This Is How I Disappear

I love this song so much. This has to be one of my fav song by mcr. Thats all I have to say today. Bye Killjoys

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Today I'm a emotional weak

Yep thats me today but it is ok. Today started okay. My friend gave me a late x mas gift. Which was a Sleeping with Sirens tee and a bracelet. Then school and I had to leave to see a physiatrist for the first time. Then after that I went shopping with mom. Got my pills then went home. Later I got really sad and I am still sad. But emotions been out of control today. I hope tomorrow is better. Thats it for today. Bye Killjoys!

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Today my mother bought red hair dye but not like firetruck red. It is natural. I don't know how red it is. My hair is still drying. But I like it. I promise to take a pic of my hair and show to u guys. Yep and rest of the day sleeping eating computer watching tv and listening to music. Well thats all for today Later Killjoys

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Okay so on Xmas I order a mcr tee. It didn't come on the day it told me. I waited it didn't come! FINALLY my tee shirt came. I am so happy! :D YEAH!

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Sad start to the new year

Last night I was up. Then my dad came down stairs. He was leaving for Ohio where he works. I talk to him a bit. Then I said goodbye. He told this year our family would be together. I hope so. Then when her left I couldn't sleep. I miss my dad and also I a lot of other shit going through my head. I listen to my ipod for a while. Then I went to sleep. I woke up depressed and tried. I am tired of my dad leaving but lets hope this year we end up together. Also I am not really looking foward to the new year. Just another year. Happens every year. I don't have a new years revoutions list. I honestly don't. So far it is a sad start to 2013. Yeah I guess. I hope you guys are having a better new year then me.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

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My Song Life

Put your ipod or mp3 on shuffle and see what your movie soundtrack would be

Open credits: Little Talks -Of Monsters and Men

Waking up: Na Na Na -My Chemical Romance

Falling in love: Make Me Crazy -Pop Fiction

Fight song: If You Can't Hang -Sleeping With Sirens

Breaking up: Happy Without You-Downtown Fiction

Life’s ok: Don't You Ever Forget About Me -Sleeping with Sirens

Getting Back Together: With You Around -Yellowcard

Wedding song: All About Us -He is We ft Owl City

Birth of child: Forget and Follow-Divided By Friday

Final battle: Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back-My Chemical Romance

Death scene: The World Is Ugly-My Chemical Romance

Funeral song: The Past -NeverShoutNever

End credits: The Kids From Yesterday -My Chemical Romance

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope u got what u wanted. If u didn't thats too bad. I hope everyone has a great day! Also a lovely rest of the day! Merry Christmas Killjoys! :)

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Pass it On PLEASE

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I finally am I not friends with someone. We used to be close but now everything changed. I am glad we are not friends. She always put me down, makes fun of my music taste, bossy, wants to friends with everyone, hangs with populars and she is a bitch. She still thinks we are friends. I don't know really want to tell her that we are not firends. That is that fastest way to make a ememy. So I think I am just going to ignore her. Also not talk to her. She will figure it out. I am so relavied that were not friends. It was time to say goodbye. It is for the best to me. We are too different now. She not a real friend. FINALLY I SAID GOODBYE :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally did it KILLJOYS! YEAH! Lets just hope problems happen in the future