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Ok, I do not know the exact reasons for the break-up. However, MCR put together the best music of the decade (2000-2010), no doubt about it. I like to think I know good music (just like everyone else out there), and I believe MCR is innovative, talented and just incredible on the stage.

Can't you guys put your mild differences aside, do side projects if needed, and just keep MCR going? How do you walk away from performing those incredible songs? How long will it be before money talks and you say to yourself, " I guess MCR was not such a bad job?" and you're "forced" to get back in the studio and on stage to blow your fans away?

Anyway, you're getting older and you've only gotten better over the years; I hope MCR does not do the typical "retired rock star" thing for too long!!!! We'll see ya on the reunion tour!!!!