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The Dark Knight
Today made my day. I met the executive producer of The Dark Knight Michael Uslan who came to my campus to talk with the students about his life and career, and I had the chance to have lunch with him, also I got an autograph of him and photo :D
stayed up late
ok last night i stayed up late because of my stupid laptop didn't want to work on me, and it got screwed up again, which i will have to take the weekend to do......anyways i had to wait until my sister got off from the house computer to do my second installment for my research paper, i don't know if i'll find more information that i'm doing on, didn't go to bed until 2:30 this morning, then wake up at 7:00 to get ready and go class.
i have so much shit to do for the weekend, i need to find a day to go to a jazz concert for a paper i need to do, i have a lab report to do which will be due on wednesday but earlier the better, i have two papers do for english one is a response paper and the other is the research paper of it's first stage, i need to study for a chemistry test that is on monday, and finish a calc problem but yet i keep thinking that i hope i did good on that calculus test that was today, because i've failed three quizzes so far :(, i'm not the type of person that would fail on quizzes and tests.
i feel so happy
ever since i've have been recently talking to some of my cousins that live in CA (i live in PA), that i haven't seen for 6 years now, i feel really happy right now. i'm starting to feel more connected to them again especially with one of them that is a freshmen in college like me. anyone have relatives that live far away?
first week it's been okay so far but the class which i might like the most would have to be Music 007 (Jazz), but other than that i still need to pick up the rest of my textbooks. poll: are you in high school or in college?