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Landon Donovan ---> Ganagol

I think this is hilarious. I saw this on AOL saying that this was racist, and I don't think so especially that Televisa was the ones who hired this USA soccer player for the ad.

Headache and dealing w/ public transportation.

It's going to be a nightmare. Headache please go away I need to get physics done.

For the people in the Philadelphia area you might have heard this on the news lately -------> Septa you are the worst transportation company ever.

Ranting below.


Right now I'm watching Nightline, and Insane Clown Posse is being interviewed. Reason why is because a couple of their fans from a group called "Juggalo," attempted homicide or otherwise were killed.

Knights of Cydonia - Muse (Drum Cover)

This person is just amazing. By the way, if you're watching, this guy also did a Helena cover.

Dear TSN

Couldn't you people at least send out a notice to those who still use the site that it will no longer be available or will not exist anymore! The fans of the band are pissed at you for not telling this sooner, and it's been since January you discontinued having the site to work. I hope that the MCRmy will NOT be taken down. I've been going on now recently that years before because of school, this people on the are part of my family.

(For those who don't know it's the Street Team Network site [TSN])

Those who haven't been informed yet Vienna posted this a couple of days ago:

Cheer up people
Grandmother's Anniversary

:( Today was the anniversary of my grandmothers death, and it's been 7 years now since that unexpected day and my mother always blamed it on her father. My mother never loved her father ever since he got drunk, and physically abused her once and my grandmother.

I want to see Alice In Wonderland so bad.

tbs official site

I recently signed up on Taking Back Sunday's Official Website, so if anyone would like to add me as a friend go right ahead :)


The region where I live have been hit badly by the snowstorm (going to end tonight), winds are blowing like 45mph, there is low visibility, but the good thing is that classes for me were cancelled today and for tomorrow. Last night I heard that there could be a possibility that another snowstorm can hit the region, what a month. Well I'm going to start doing some calculus problems to study for the quiz on friday, how lovely is that.


i'm not a blog person, but i'm going to post today because i'm happy

today was my last final exam which means christmas break has already begun for me. i found out that i have a B in english which i thought i wasn't going to well in that class (but it's better than failing), and the only other class that i need to definitely find out how i did was chemistry which i took the exam today..............overall, i'm going to a christmas concert at my former high school, tonight. i miss those good olds days, and playing the clarinet

Are you guys ready for the holidays?